Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hurry! CAAWS has Pets Fur $12

Fur teh Crispmouse seezin CAAWS (Captiol Area Animal Welfare Society) is lettin' the anipals git abopted fur jus' $12 each! Git it? 12th monf = $12. Heh, heh. AI liek how tehy do taht.

So go to Progress Road neer teh Baton Rouge Metro Airport and give a kitteh or goggie or bofe a 4ever home. Heer's teh web site:

~Bob (NOT Winston but this is where Mom got him)

Um Awarded!

Wall, Ai gots a surprise & Ai am so onnered! Ai got a ward frum Cuddly Friends fur mai blog! Yoo kin see heer at tihs link:

Wall, Winston, Whut haz u 2 say abot taht!?

Ez long ez we haz older kittehs gitting 4ever homes---iz ALL gud. Eben fur putting up wiht big hed orange cats!

Fank you, Cuddly Friends!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mom! Ur awaked!

Taht meens u shud be tryin 2 git me a snak, rite? O, BTW, if Winston terns up wif broked legs, iz bcuz
(wun) he ated owt ov mai bowl agin &
(too) he rited on mai blog &
(free) his big face iz 2 close 2 mai face

~Luv Bob

Sunday, December 9, 2012


AIEEEE!!! Ah has a Tweeta nah, boos. Y'all kin come!   A tout a l'heure (See ya lata)!
Oh, yeah. Look fur @WinstonHenryM and #WinstonHenry

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ehhhhh, La Bas, Chers!

Dis be Winston sneekin' up, Chers on Mista Bob's blog. Heh, heh! Ah noes Ah gits on Bob's nuhvs sumtiem, Chers. He not liek mah face, mah Cajun meow aksent he say Ah gots me an' he not liek mah apputteet--mais Ah be hungry so much, yeah! Ah figgas if Ah goes 2 da kichen ever tiem Mom or Poppa goes in der, Ah'm bound 2 git a treet, yeah! Mebbe dey drops sum'n or Ah giv'em da sweet eye fur mebbe dey giv me sum'n. Mais dat's a chance Ah gotta take an' ez we say don hea in Sowth Loosianna BON CHANCE!

Mom try 2 keep us apart pour dejeuner, mais Bob be hangin' wif Poppa w'en Poppa home. Tehy wach dem criminal shows on the tv.  Ah stiks wit Mom, yeah.

Wall, Ah heers Mista Bob comin'. Gotta run, mes amis!

Oh, BTW, Urnge cats rool, yeah! Aaaiiee!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

PetGurl & Kumquat Hed

PetGurl iz mai favorit! She camed home 2 stay wit me fur a fyoo days lass week. Kumquat Hed & Ai haz fites on Faysbuk. Ai always win!

Jus' Sayin'

Ai haz had sumfin' 2 say, but mostly fur fussin' at Brofur Winston. Taht big ornage furball eats ebberfing! Poppa fusses at him b'cuz when he iz dun wit his food he eats mine! Ai'm teh wun who gits Mom up fur brefass & he dus nuffin but wayt fur me. Tehn he runs in front to teh kitchen! Mom haz 2 seprate owr bowls & stand between us.

Winston haz been playing wif stuff, too. He runs up & down the halls liek a idiot! Mon finks it iz kyoot but Ai do NOT! Poppa sez he is crazy & Ai agree. Poppa & Ai find it hard 2 wach Law & Order wif all taht bumpin' arown. A few tiems Ai had 2 tap him up side teh hed fur running into me. STOP! Ai say and pop him wun. Mom sez dont fite ur brofur but when she's not looking, Poppa tells me 2 hit him. Me & Poppa unnerstan eech udder so well--speshly when it comes 2 taht nuckle hed Winston.

Mom haz been going fur long days and she goes 2 sleep when she comes home. Tehn Big Ornage hed  jumps on her lap.

Wall, Ai will be back. Ai haz been missing teh netbook. Mom sez it dyeded. Ai cant git used 2 teh mew laptop. Iz so big. Iz good fur playing FArmville, tho. See ya 'rown. Gonna go play rite now!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Black Dot

This is Bob's mom. It's been rather warm here. Bob and Winston have been enjoying the slightly cooler days. There they are outdoors. They were closer for a picture together but Bob ran off to the far corner of the yard after a squirrel. That little black dot in this instagram shot is him stretched out near the back fence where a squirrel is sitting and fussing at him for being there.

Friday, August 31, 2012

hurry cane eye-sik

Mom sed Grandmom wuz not feeling well so she wud stay wif her for teh hurry cane. Poppa sed he wud keep me & mintully deefishunt Winston at teh hows. Poppa put all teh patio furnichur next 2 teh hows or insides & sum potted plants, too. Petgurl camed ober & she & Mom put sum fings n her car.

Ai dunno from a hurry cane but Ai go owtsides wif Poppa 2 see if Ai kin help him. Winston is still a li'l skerred of Poppa. akshully, he is skerrepd ov almos' ebberfing & ebberbuddee except Mom. He is skerred 2 poop owtsides so he makes reely big ones in teh box & me & Pop cant stand that! Fur a bit he was missing teh box bcoz he is so big, so Mom & Petgurl took him to teh vet. They brot Winston & some special food back.                  

So later Poppa sed Ai better go owtsides while Ai can. He sed Ai better play, poop ir whatevah bcoz it wud not be eezee lata. Ai dint kno wat he wuz talkin' abot but Ai knew Ai dint need 2 b owtsides.

Teh winds blowed hard taht nite & Ai stayed neer Poppa. I hurded some shingles blow off teh roof. Winston ran unner teh kichen table. Lites went off fur a lil wyle. Poppa & Ai cundt wach NCIS or LAw & Orda! But it dint last long & ther wuznt 2 much reel rains. Lites camed bak on, Poppa scooped teh litta box--& gagged 'cos he dont yooshally do it, speshully behind Winston. Then he fed us & all wuz rite wit the wurl. Exsep Mom stayed wit grandma fur a bit longer to help owt ober tehre.

Ez long ez Ai had directv, Poppa's side & sum cat food all wuz rite wif teh wurl, Tehn Mom stayed home & didnt go 2 wurk fur a few days moar! Ai liek Mom staying home. Un4chnutly, so duz Winston who hogs her lap. ennyways, fur taht Ai cud deel wiht Hurry cane Eye-sik.

~Bob B

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mice Pikchur Mom. Wont wurk! Poopy Day is Poopy Day!

Ai am steemin' mad! Not angwee..MAD! Furst she goes away fur, wat seems liek yeers fur a cat! A whole week in June & anudder week in July! Tehn she starts drivin' teh car bak 2 taht plays called "skools" agin. Tehn she put Poppa aginst me & tehy cot me & put me in teh [gasps & whispers] *carrier! 

Mom let's me owt ebbr mornin' fur poopies, well Ai dint hafta poopy rite away. Sumtiem Ai gotta play in teh grass, lookit teh burds, fuss bak at Evil Skwurl. Wall, she wuz rushin' me so she chase me bak in wher it wuz waytin fur me--teh dredded carrier--wich meens 1 fing: Tehy R tekking me 2 the vet!

Ai run liek teh wind! Poppa betrayed me & tried 2 ketch me. Ai run frew his legs 2 the bak room wher Mom keched me.

On the way Ai hollers reel lowd fur Poppa. Ai am so mad! Teh carrier falls ober 2 teh floor of teh car & Mom cant fix it bcoz she gotta bad arm on taht side & Ai'm behine her. Ai'm yellin' liek krezzy now..& taht iz when mai stomik let's loose. OH TEH SHAME, TEH AGONEE! Tehre iz poopies ebberywher in taht evul carrier & all ober mai byootiful fur taht Ai wurks so hard 2 keep byootiful! Wall, Ai jus' LOST IT!

Tehn Ai wuz at teh vet MAD as hek! DONT YOO TUCH ME, PEEPULS! 

Ai hissed & fot & tried 2 bite. Ai wuz not havin' it! Tehy cleeend my fur & the evul carrier wich wuz cool but Ai wuz not having no exam stuff. Not mai mowf, not mai stommik, not mai eers. NOT!!

Wehn Mom & PetGurl camed 2 git me, TEHY TATTLE ON ME, so Ai giv 'em wun more good hiss fur good meyshur.

Ai'm still mad at Mom. Ai let her tuch mai fur a li'l lass nite. OK, she kin still feed me breffass, BUT TAHT'S IT. OK mebbe she kin still lemme go owtside fur poop & play. BUT TAHT'S ALL. 

Ai'm gonna lay on teh bed bai Poppa now fur good naps.Go to wurkskool, Mom. Git outta mai face...until suppertiem.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nudder Full Mooon

Ai know Ai haznt been bloggin' in a while. Fur 1 fing, me & Win enjoyed teh full moon las' week. Or wuzzit week B4? I dunno. Tehn Mom lef' town & took the net book. PetGurl stayed wif me & Win but she kep' her lap top close bai her & wudnt lemme see it xcep' 2 wach a few fings on MEWtoob. Ai liek MEWtoob AND AI liek a full mooon.


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

He Reeely Lieks Me

Hello ebberbuddee. Tihs is Winston, agin. Mr. Bob acts liek he's ignoring me sumtiems but he reely lieks me. At nite Ai kik a catnip mows nex 2 him & he kiks it bak. If Ai tag him on teh hallway & next fing u kno we R runnin' up & down teh hall chasin' eech udder's tails. He will nebber admit it arown hyoomins, btu he lieks me. Ai kno it.

Wen Poppa is home, he hangs owt wif Poppa. He dont liek me being on Mom's lap so he will wlak away wit his nose in teh air. He sez fings we cat's kin heer each udder say--liek wen he calls me a big baby & tells me Ai stink. But wen we R alone he meks sher Ai has food & he plays wit me& lets me play wif his catnip mowses.

Yah, he's not foolin' ennybuddee.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Mai Mom iz Bak & Udder Mew Cat Songs

Mai Mom iz Bak

Mai Mom iz bak & she's gonna B in trubble!
Hey nonny nah, mai Mom iz bak!
Win best git bak Ai'm gonna pop him like a bubble,
Hey nonny nah, mai Mom iz bak!
Mom, u kno U shu'n't grieve me.
Mom, u kno u shu'n't lee'mee.

Well, Ai'm a big boy now but Ai lieks 2 B N charge now.
Wah ooooo! Wah ooooo!
And wit' mai PetGurl heer U kno Ai'm livin' large now.
Wah ooooo!
Cant u see?!

Ai'll leev u a poopee w'eneva Ai gits angry.
Hey nonny nah, mai Mom iz bak!
And blok Win's bowl when big boy gits hungry.
Hey nonny nah, mai Mom iz bak!
Hey, Ai'm not interrogatin'
But w'ern teh wurl is Poppa waitin'?
Well, Ai'm a big boy now but Ai dont liek no surprises!
Wah ooooo! Wah oooo!
I'll leev fur on his pillo & thro teh kitteh eyes
Wah oooo!
He wont be mad at me!

Yeah mai Mom is bak! 
Yeah, mai wurl's on trak
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, Mom is heer!
Onlee Poppa haz sum'n 2 feer
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,Mom is bak!
eah, yeah, yeah, yeah,Mom is bak!


Gonna b a revolooshun of goggies & cats
Whachoo fink abot taht?
Finkin' 'bot a gud salooshun. Oh, boys & gurls
We jus' wanna change teh wurl
To a plays w'er on ebbr corner
Is a gud resposibul pet owner
Ebbry fing is gonna be alright
If ebbry animal kin be alright

Tihs is not a mew ideer, it jus' meks a betta wurl
Havin' pets nootered & spayed, teh boys & teh girls
So owr numbers  dont spiral
N2 a homeless pet exploshun now
And hav us roamin' from home. Anyhow
Ebery fing is gonna be alright
If u do tihs fur U & me

Mooie Mooie

(Tune of Louie, Louie)

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

Well mai mom tol' me jus' teh udder day
Not 2 hang rown teh ceral bowl & play
'Cuz eben 'tho Ai liek it  & it smell so gud
Milk dont do a cats body enny gud!

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

Well Ai di'nt lissen 2 w'at Mmom sed
And Ai decided 2 go ahed
And lap up teh white stuff enny how
U kno w'at Ai meen: the stuff from teh cow

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

Well mai tummy felt so gud fur a little while
And all ov a sudden ebber fing went wild
Mai tummy started moovin on it's own
Frum deep wiffin in Ai herd a reel lowd groan!

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

Ai ran 2 teh bak room quik ez a fox
Fownd teh door closed 2 mai litta box
Mai poor ol' tummy was carryin' a load
And just liek St. Helen Ai start 2 Xplode!

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

Mom frowed me owtsides fur a week & a day
'Cuz she had cleen up a big mess taht day
So lissen 2 me & heer me now
Cow's milk is made jus' fur baby cows!

Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.
No,no, no, no!
Ai sed a-mooie mooie! O' baby ur no gud fer me.(ugh!)
No, no, no, no!

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 OJ

We hadda a mice Forf o Joolye.   4chunittly owr frens Rumpy Dog & June Buggie teh cat posted sum reminers fur pet safety. So we stayed safe--even Poppa.  Poppa dont liek firewurks eder so he satys N fur the 4 OJ & Mew Years. Mom & PetGurl went 2 see a mooovee. We wuz alrite b'cuz ther wuznt a lot of nayberhood firewurks. Jus' a li'l bit fa away. Iz illeegul eny ways, but peepuls who wanna see nice forewurks kin go downtown on the Miss Sippi Levee & see profeshnul show wich iz betta & sayfer.

Me & Poppa had gud tiem waching crime shows. Ai liek crime show wif Poppa. W'en we come owt teh back, Winston come owt but he dont liek crime shows. He sat on Mom's spot on the sofa, keepin' it warm 'til she git bak. Sumtiem he run unner the kichum tabul if me & Poppa come owt the bak 2 fas'. If Poppa hav a stinky stik Ai go owtsides wif him, jus' 2 the catio & my poopy spot N teh bakyard.

W'en Mom git bak, Winston jump on her lap liek she been gone fur days. What a big baby!

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Saturday, June 30, 2012

N Mom's Face

Hi. It's me, Winston Henry again. Thot Ai'd tek a few minits w'ile Bob is napping in teh bedroom 2 say a few fings.  
Firs' fing is, Ai fink iz grate fur peepuls to tek home pets taht R not babies. Ai wuz not sher w'at dees peepul wantd wit me at firs' but now Ai kno tihs is mai home.

Mr. Bob knos tihs is mai home too eben toh he is teh boss.  Ai haz mai own bowls & mai own litta poopy box. We kin share Mom's lap but Ai mus' git in her face & stay close Bcos Ai not want her lost. Ai mus kno wher she iz at all tiems. 
Here is pic of me & Mom. She is trying to do sumpn' & bAi haz 2 chek it owt bai gittin ' N her face & mekin' sher she sees me firs'.

Uh-oh. Mr. Bob is waking up. Gotta run.


P. S. Neber go owtsides bai urself. U mite git los' & taht is berry skerry. It happun 2 me!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Darn Cat, Indeed

This is Bob's Mom. Bob was in PetGurl's room that he claims as his own when she's not visiting. I hear a knock at the patio door--or something resembling a knock-- and look up to see a big orange and white face staring from beneath the blinds. I opened the door and Winston strolls in as if he had just stepped out for a few minutes to play in the grass. He went straight to Bob's bowl for a bite to eat and drank from the fountain about four times. It has been very warm here--in the upper 90's and up to 102 degrees out with no I'd think he'd be past thirsty.

Oh, well. He's back in his favorite spot over my head on the back  of the sofa. I think he's reading my net book over my shoulder, actually.

Welcome home, Winston Henry.
 Oops! Gotta run for another drink?

Taht Darn Cat!

We saw Winston las nite! Mom & PetGurl camed home from VBS and wuz abot 2 put up los' cat sines w'en Winston came dowt of his hiding place unner tha nayber's drive. He wuz sittin' unner a car & anserd wen Mom called him but liek he wuznt sher who she wuz. Persnully, Ai fink he is crazy.

I sat in teh front yard & talk 2 him, Cats talk 2 eeech udder wher hyoomins cant heer. Wen we talk 2 hyoomins teht heer, "Meow."

Ai'm tellin' him, "Doood, it's Mom. Folla her home liek she's tryin 2 git u 2 do." But he is lookin' liek unsher. He comed haff-way 2 her tehn run N2 teh pipe unner teh drive way. Mom call him sum moar & he come owt fer rubs. Tehn Mom carefully pik him up & he was OK fur abot 5 sekunds & he kik & run off.

Mom went 2 git teh PetGurl & teh carrier. PetGurl opend sum foo & he camed owt 2 luk at it, got spooked & runned across teh street. Mom & PetGurl gonna try agin 2nite.

Taht darn, Winston!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winston's Ad

Mom calld Companions Animul Alliance & took out ad fur Winston on Craig's list. Now she's mekking signs. Craig's list ad goes like tihs:

Winston: MIA

Poppa goes owtsides at nite wif his stinky smoke stiks & sumtiems he wakes up N the middle of teh nite. Ai goes owt wif him. Teh udder nite, abot midnite, Winston deesided 2 obercome his feer ov owtsides & go wif us. Yooshally he onlee goes owt wif Mom & he still aks kinda skerry ov Poppa. So when Poppa wuz dun wif the stinky stik he sed, :"Let's go in!" So Ai come in but Winston did not. He onlee comes fur Mom. Poppa couldn't get him so he closed teh door & fot Winston wud come skraching on the catio door lata.

At breffass, Poppa askd Mom if Winston camed 2 teh door & he tole her w'at happund. Mom sed, "WHAT!? U shudda woke me up 2 all him just tehn Bcuz he will come fur me! He's still a little afrayd of you."
Mom called and called. She & Poppa lukd unner teh cars, honked car horns 2 sker him owt. Ai went wif Mom 2 teh owtskirts of teh bakyard 2 look unner teh brambles & bushes bak tehre. Poppa hadda leev yessirday affernoon.

Owr fren Rumpy sugjes Mom leev owt his food & litta box so PetGurl put owt teh food yessirday. Ai hadda eat a bit of it 2 mek sher it tays gud fur him. Tehn Mom put owt teh litta box. Ai'm not tuching taht.

Ai hope he comes home soon. We wuz gittin' 2 be gud bros. He' s kinda shy & skerred ov stuff, so he stays close 2 Mom. Taht part gits on mai nurvs. But he plays a gud game of catnip mows soccer wif me & he knos sum gud jokes. Yah,ww wuz gettin' closer. Mom sez he haz a chip so she or PetGurl will call teh shelter 2day.

Liftin u up 2 Ceiling Cat. Winston, w'ever u R, Bro, come home!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mom & Poppa R Bak!

Mom & Poppa went away fur days fur suimpn' called 'Kairos Prisuminstry' 2 see teh peepuls who R locked up like Winston wuz B4 Mom went 2 reskyu him. Ai wish tehy wud hav brot 1 ov tehm home nsted ov Winston Bcuz at leest tehy wud hav fumbs fur opening cat food cans & treet powches.

PetGurl camed ova 2 feed & pet us & skoop owt teh litta boxes. Winston reeely messes up his box Bcuz he dont liek 2 go owtsides liek me. Tehn he kiks litta owt his pan Nsted ov ova his mess!

Winston iz not hiding so much  now & will tap me so Ai kin chase him. Ai haz 2 admit taht iz fun but not when mai hyoomins iz neer. PetGurl stayed a while, let me owtsides & he hid unner kichen table & sofas when she wuz rown Xsept when she crak open a cat food can. YAY, PetGurl!

Ai'm so glad Mom & Poppa R home. Mom wuz so tired she went 2 sleep on the sofa wif teh tv on. Winston sat on her so Ai went 2 teh bedroom wif Poppa. He wuz so tired he went 2 sleep wif teh tv cliker n his hand.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winston Schminston

Ai gess Ai'm gittn' yoos 2 Winston Being rown. He still hides but he hangs owt wif Mom a lot wen he comes owt. Ai dunno how 2 tek taht. He still jus' kinda luks at me & goes hiding wen Ai walk in a room. Taht's fine bai me. Ai jus stared at him on teh sofa helping mom wach tv. Ai'm s'posed 2 help Mom wach tv. Today Ai just wach Poppa wach tv. Ai let Poppa rub my hed, mai chin & share teh bed while we wached Burn Notice.Dint let Mom touch me fur a minit. Iz Father's Day eny way. Gotta giv Popp a privalij of rubbing mai hed fur Father's Day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mista Bob iz Owtside

Hai. Um... Ai'm  a li'l nurvis.. Um. Ai com owt wen Mista Bob iz not rown. kind meks me nurvis b'cuz Ai kin smell wher he hz claimed ebberting arown heer. So Ai'm in his terrytoree..& well...ebberfing meks me nurvis. NooMom sed, wile Mista Bob iz owtside, Ai kin take tihs oppertoonty 2 innerduce misef. Mai name iz Winston Henry. Wall, Ai betta go now. Ai hz jess  few minits to git chin rubs & relax on teh sofer wif NooMom bcuz Mista will B bak soon. KThnxBai.

o9pppppppppppppppp88888 (Winston Henry).

New Brofur

Mai FceBook fren talks abot kittehs wif no 4 eva homes. Wun wuz neerbai so Mom lef' in teh reel rains fur 2 owrs. Do u kno how long taht iz fur  cat 2 wayt? She come bak wif MAI carrier--teh wun Ai gits took 2 the (whispers) *vet* in. Tehre iz sum guy kitteh in tehre & he iz shakin' his bones. Long stery short: Tihs is mai mew brofur Winston Henry. He hides  lot. He stayed 3 days behind teh washer. Ai'm still gittin' used 2 sharing mai chin rubs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Lunches

Mom feeds me big breffass affer Ai wakes her at 5am. Ai know iz 5am b'cuz stommik clok sez so. All cats haz stommik clok. Berry powerful tool. Sumtiem it sez, "We kinnot wayt fur 5am. Git Mom up at 4:30. Mebbe 4am. Let's EAT!" But mosely iz 5am.

Mom haz been moving stuff frum her skoolz. Poppa haz been staying home frum work. W'en Poppa is heer wiffowt Mom, Ai gits X-tra meel. Heheh.

Wall, heer's teh rub. Mom camed home urly fur bring home stuff frum skool & cot Poppa givvin me lunch. Yah. Ai'm busted. Mom sez Ai gits breffass wif dry snaks in the dry bowl fur nibbling all day. Tehn Ai gits moar turkey gravy joosy slices in the ev'nins. Wall, gud ol' Poppa dint know tihs. Now he duz, cuz Mom camed home urly & sed so. Tehn she leff 2 go bak 2 skool...and Poppa givved me teh durtiest luk.

Hay. U cant blame a feelyne fur tryin' ...2 git ober...'speshully when ther's turkey gravy N-volvd.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ai hav hed ake. Mom wuz gone Caturday. Poppa wuz heer but him wuz sleeping all  day frum not feeling well. SO, Ai Nvite teh kitteh frenz ober & we haz a pawty. Teh catnip wuz flowing liek water. Eber 5 minits sumbuddee wuz meowing "CRANK UP TEH MeWSIK!" "PASS TEH NIP!" Gud tiems but now AI haz hed ake 2day. Gotta go owtsides 2 eat a li'l grass & settle my stomik. I unnerstanz teh li'l kitteh in tihs pic:

BTW, tehre is a sale on shipping at mai store at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Restin' EZer Toosday

Sumpn's going on wit mai peepuls. PetGurl wuz s'posed 2 come brush mai fur days ago. Las' weekend Mom & Poppa camed home 2 go 2 sleep affer teh sun wuz turnd off. Mom wuz not feeling gud & sleeped affer being gone all Caturday. Poppa dint git 2 tek me owtsides till the sun was almos' turnd off.

Teh nex' day wuz Sunnyday so Ai always xpecks tehm 2 leevs me fur church but it wuz speshul Sunnyday fur Mudders' Day & ebberbodee, incloodin rownhead boy, PetGurl and Grategrandma went sumplays speshul 2 eat. Ai DO NOT unnerstan speshul plays 2 eat not being home wif ur own bowls on ur own mat bai teh frig. Why u havs 2 go sumplays else?

Yessirday, Poppa stayed wf me fur a bit of teh day. Mai peepuls wuz gone until the sun wuz turnd off agin. Wall, tihs moarning they R heer & alfo Mom will be gone in a few, Ai kno Poppa will stay fur a while. Ai will B heer on mai blankee at foot of teh bed having gud naps.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Judge certifies class action against Ontario Government for alleged abuse at school for the blind and visually impaired

Judge certifies class action against Ontario Government for alleged abuse at school for the blind and visually impaired


Mai Mom & Poppa R gonna do another Kairos Prizzin Min'stry. Taht meeens they will b gone ebber Caturday fur meetings until on wun ov tohse weekends tehy will be gone fur abot 4 days, sumtiem N June, 2 go visit teh men in prizzin.. Taht's teh way it yooshully goes . Tehy havunt dun wun fur a while but they hav been doing uddder t'ings. Ai fink Ai herd Poppa say tihs will B teh only wun tihs yeer. Mom haz been way too bizzy at work & affer wurk 2 do moar tahn wun eben if tehy had moar tahn wun tihs all she cud do.
Ai hate waiting fur tehm 2 come home but it also meens Ai will see moar of PetGurl! 

Ennyway, Mom sez, udder peepuls cud help. Liek, tihs next Caturday, tehy cud volunteer 2B on the team wit' her & Poppa. Tihs is teh cut-off Caturday fur joining teh teeem. All peepuls haz 2 do is go ober to Furst Mewnited Mefodist Church (930 N. Blvd., Baton Rouge) fur 8:30 in teh moarnin' & fillout a paper & sit down so eberbody kin welcome U & U git sum exer-sizes taht help U wit what 2 do. 

Mom sez, if u can't come 2 teh meetin's u kin still help frum wherever u are liek by helping wit' cookies, prayer and agape taht u kin find at this link:  U kin mail homebaked cookies & handdrawn place mats 2 "Kairos Angola" at teh address abuv R 2 Kairos Angola where Mom & Poppa worship c/o Mt. Pilgrim MBC, 9700 Scenic Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70807.

My favrit R Mom's cartoon videos, but tehre iz anudder video teher w'at shows waht gud mai Mom, Poppa & all tehre frens do fur teh guys in teh prizzin.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Prowd ov Maisef. Gotta SANG!!

Ov cors Ai am prowd 2B TEH CAT. Cats & sum goggies kin do grate fings eben wit' no fumbs. But 2day Ai am prowd 2B member of ASPCA wit' mai own card N all! Ai reeely got sumpn N teh brokundown mailbox besides a card frum teh vet sayin' "Iz tiem fur BobButtons 2 git hiz cat butt probed!"

 Wif taht sed, Ai gotta sing!

Lubbly Day 
(apolllygees 2 Bill Withers)
W'en mai Poppa, Mom, PetGurl & me
Mek a fam'ly w'at iz whole.
W'en Ai wekkup n the moarnin & 
Tehr iz cat food n mai bowl
Tehn Ai look owtsides
An' teh birds iz chirp-chirping
Skwurls iz runnin' rown
An' Ai kno iz gonna be
A lubbly daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
A lubbly daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We R Fammerlee
All mai frenz we R talkin' 2gedder when we git online;
Kitteh's, goggies & eben a turtle--we talk all teh tiem!
All teh peepul look @ us & say, "Kin tehy B taht close?
Anipals being 'burds-of-a-fedder?"
W'at we say 2 tohse is:
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"

W'en we see anipals taht R homeless, we tell ebbrywun.
Sumtiem we just lif' up eech udder & hav sum fun.
All ov teh peepuls look at us & say, "We shud help 'em owt
So no annimals hurt & they git homes!"
Tehn wit' us tehy shout:
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"

Aint Wurried
[Whistles] Ain't wurried. [Whistles]
Ai'm happy. [Whistles]
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy, meow.

Heer's a li'l song Ai rote
U mite wanna howl it note fur note
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

Got a place frum w'er Ai dont roam
Got maisef a 4ever home
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

Got me a blanky fur m'naptiem wurl
W'en Ai needs a brush Ai got a good PetGurl
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

[Whistles] Ain't wurried. [whisltes]
Ai'm happy. [Whistles]
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy, meow.

(c) Mr. BobButtons. Fank yew. Fank yew berry much.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nobuddy's Heeer But the CAT!

Mom is still coffing a bit & STILL WORKING!!  She should reeely be staying home wit---who? ME! B'cuz? AI'M TEH CAT! Ai'm kree-atin' a mew cat law: "No matta what--if u coff or sneeze u gotta stay home of the cat sez!"

Poppa went wit her on CATurday & tehy wuz bofe TYRED & gud 4 nuttin' w'en tehy camed home. Mom dint git bak up all teh rest ov teh day!  Poppa gived me AND her some food!

 Ai thot Ai'd mek her jellus bai stikking close 2 Poppa. But taht dint wurk. Poppa got tyred ov me givving him teh hed bonks & beggin' fur chin wubs & Mom jus' snored liek a choochoo.

PetGurl camed 2 see me. Ai kno Ai haz sed it B4 but Ai luvs me sum PetGurl! She wanted me 2 smell ov teh skrawbberries, tho. Ai read her book w'en Ai saw her tek owt eh spray fur putting on mai fur. Ai'm not havin' taht so Ai runned down teh hall.

Mom camed home so late las' nite taht the sun had ternd off B4 she got home. Ai tell you, Ai'm getting tyred ov  tihs  stuff! Wa't gu iz it 2B TEH CAT if no staff is arown!??!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Mai mom iz SO bizzy lately & Ai dont fink she's feelin' too gud. Poppa staye dhome moar las' week which iz gud fur me b'cuz we goes owtsides lots. Ennyway, Ai took it EZ on Mom this moarnin' & didn't mek her git mai breffas till 6AM raffer tehn 5AM. Tried 2 sugges' she git bak N bed but it dint wurk. O, well, moar room n teh bed fur me 2day!

Been riting berry short cat songs fur frens on Twitter. Gonna rite longer wuns lata.  Ai'm of fur moarnin' nap! Lata! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, April 6, 2012

Toys! W'at's Ur Favrits?

. Mom haz her net book. Poppa haz teh TV. I liek  a gud toy! Ai has lotsa catnip mices & a squeeky fish wit fedders. Mai grammy & Aunt Gayle sented me a 'lectronic mouse. Ai name him Herkalees.

Kin all my anipals & hyoomin pals post tehir favrit toy below? Kyooris cat minds wanna kno. Fanks!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wun, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha! Mebbe Goggie at Mai hows? W'ah?

Iz not hot owt but teh reeel rains haz stopped. Poppa camed home and opened kitchen door and patio door. Wall, az Mom sez, "That's teh hand Ai fan wif!" Ai has paws but enyway teh breeze wuz byootiful & Ai cud go in & out & in & out & in & out & in &, etc. all Ai want all bai maiself! Poppa calls it teh kitteh Cha-cha.

Ai wanna fank mai fren Rumpy fer his support & insprashun fer dis blog. He's teh best goggie Ai know. Ai heerd Ai usta hav a cuzin goggie named Gumbo but he wuz re-abopted. Poppa wud come home from Kennr & Ai cud smell Gumbo on him. Poppa sez Ai has gurl cuzin yorkies in Flor'da. But Poppa says they are sissy goggies cuz they too little fur his tays & wun of them yaps and dont bark. Enyways, Ai'm konvinsed big goggies hav bigger hearts & moar love 2 give.

Mom sez Poppa is looking fer lab puppy but he betta be home moar fur it b'cuz Poppa goes outta town lots & neder me nor Mom has tiem fur training a mew dog bai owrselves. On sekun fot, Ai'm not berry Xsited abot tihs proposishun b'cuz AI OWN TIHS PLACE! Ai'm TEH CAT!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Durty Durty Triks

Ai notis Mom put a bowl on top of mai dry food & givved me xtra turkey/cheez.gravy flava nite b4 las'. W'en it come 2 nom, Ai not looking gif' horse n teh meowf. Nex' moarnin' Ai not hav 2 wake Mom & Poppa not home so Ai finking mebbe she just deside fur urly breffass. Hmm! NO BREFFASS! Wassup wit' taht?!!

Mom goes 2 baffroom bai hersef & not anser me. Ai'm finking she hurt n tehr? So Ai go bak 2 kichen & try 2 turn ober teh seramik bowl. It brokded so Ai has 2 lay low so Mom wont go n tehr & see it.

Mom lemme go owt fur moarnin pee/poo spot so Ai tries som grass fur breffass. But Ai frow it up on teh carport. Ai saw teh carrier las' nite but it wuz all pikked up fur putting me in wehn Ai camed n frum teh carport! OH! NO!

Ai put up gud fite b'cuz ushully Mom & PetGurl haz 2 wurk 2gedder 2 put me n tehre. Took a li'l longer but Mom got me N tehre. Ai haz no breffass & Ai wuz on mai way 2 teh (suspense song)--duh, duh, DAAAAH!----TO TEH VET!!!W'at a durty trik!

Ai yowld all the way! Tehn MOM LEF' ME TEHR!!! Ai wuz TOOO owt dun! Tehn w'le Ai wuz yowling fur Mom, Poppa, Petgurl,  Rownhed Boy,  Gramma, Stubby Kay SUMBUDDEEE! teh lites went owt. Ai waked up bak in mai carrier & teh vet wuz looking at me. Ai cudnt say nuffin but lay tehre finking awrful fots abot her. Tehn Ai bak 2 sleep.

W'en Ai waked up agin, Mom wuz tehre & she put mai carrier bak n the car. Ai tried 2 yowl but Ai wuz feelin' fuzzy on teh nsides. Mai teef! Mai teef feel diff'rent!AI need water! Ai needs FOOD! Teh car tek us sumplace wher PetGurl gits n teh car & she holds teh carrier n her lap so she kin pet me frew teh door.. Ai feel betta wit' PetGurl n tehre b'cuz Ai'm kinda upset wit' Mom ober teh durty trik.

Ai git home & Poppa's tehre wit' purlenty ov turkey gravy flava n mai bowl. Ai eat. Ai drink water. Ai eat. Ai drink water. Ai eat Ai drink water. Mai teef feel funny but reeely clean.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Greem Guy Day

Der's naybers owtside wearing greem clothes. Ai kno tihs b'cuz Ai heered tehm say tehy wuz all greem & going 2 a parade. Mom, Poppa & PetGurl is not going 2 parade but tehy going sumwhers fur volunteering. Tehy goes fur volunteering & church a lot--Mom & Poppa do. Taht meens tehy help udder peeples is how PetGurl esplane it 2 me. Enyways tehy not wearing greem clothes. Ai dont kno greem b'cuz PetGurl sez cats are color blind but so iz Poppa. So how he kno when he not wearing greem?

Iz greem guy day. Ai kno tihs b'cuz Ai sawed wun N teh bak yard & he tole me so. He sed he did not liek teh lawnmower guy mowing ober teh clober. Ai liek teh clobers too. Grate place fur rolling arown & keching bugs owtsides 'cept teh bees. (Cat Law: Nebber try 2 kech a bee.)

Ai fot teh greem guy wuz a bug & Ai keched him. He sed "Oh gorsh 'n begorra! Ai been cot bai a cat! Now Ai s'pose you'll be wantin' me pot o' gold, cat?"

"Pot o' w'at?" Ai say.
"U kno: Me treshurs!" he say.
"O , well tehn!" Ai say. "W'at flava u got? Chikun? Turkeygravy? Tuna? Duz u hav sum fuzzy catnip mice?"  Ai fink Ai drooled on maiself a li'l bit.
"Hold on cat. Look, heer's me pot o' gold."

He show me a big rown gumbo pot, 'cept ther wuz no gumbo in it. Jus' sum shiny metal rown fings w'at dont even roll so u cant play wif 'em & u cant eat 'em. W'at Ai gonna do wif taht? Mom dont liek me to bring lizerds, bugs & oaktree lint in teh hows so Ai cant bergin 2 fink abot gitting sumpn so big n tehr.

"Nebbermine," Ai sez 2 teh greem guy.

"Say, what?" he say.

"My Mom's got a gumbo pot areddy. Fanks but no fanks."

Tehn teh pot & teh greem guy disappeer n a puff of greem smoke. Ai kno it wuz greem smoke b'cuz he say rite b4 he disapeer: "Well Ai'll be a-disappering now in a puff o' greem smoke!"

He did not smell 2 gud.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Anipal Mews

Nanny McFurr: L'Oreal Aims for Animal Free Testing: Nanny's reportin' on a mek up Kompny taht's tryin' mek mek up wif'owt testin' on anipals. W'at mek up?

Giant Squid Have Basketball-Size Eyes: Mom hurd abot it on NPR so she looked it up & fownded teh story on NatGeo. Seems tehy got giant eyeball fur a diff'rent reason tahn cats!

What if Women Ruled? Bonobo Society Helps Study: Being a boy cat, Ai'm not fur shur tehse chimps R helpin' mai case. Ebberbudde knoes cats rule!

How Do Penguins Fly To NYC? First Class on Delta [VIDEO] Furs: Ai dint kno tehy cud fly. Sekund: Wish Ai cud git bak frum teh vet tihs way.

Amelia and the Animals: Tehre's tihs hyoomom taht haz fotos ov her li'l gurl wit' all anipals. Iz grate pikchurs! (Dont try tihs at home--well not wit' teh wild anipals eny ways. Ai liek teh wun wit' teh kittehs best!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mew Times!

Mom & Poppa up at teh tiem Ai want tehm up & tiem stommik clok purfurs sine tehy stopped gitting up on tiem abot 5-6 monfs ago. Ai'm not looking if'horse n teh meowf.  Teh dont look too happeh abot it, tho'.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mooooom! UR 2 Bizzy!!! U Want Me 2 Fink r Sumpn'?

Mai mom haz been way 2 bizzy. Poppa stayd wit me a few days but he's not so much fun since he dont go owt ez much wif the stinky stiks. He will lemme go owt 2 the bakyard & keep teh door open fur me. But he dont rubs mai hed so much. He has been breeving in a lowd masheen n the moarnin's & at nite. He dont seem 2 liek it much so Ai heers him growlin' & Ai stays away & hope Mom comes home B4 dinna tiem so she kin feed me nsted ov Poppa.

Yessirday Poppa lef' fur Owttatown. Ai dont know w'er iz Owttatown but Ai'm finking iz fur away B'cuz soemtiem Poppa iz gone fur days. Mom camed home rite b4 teh sun ternd off. PetGurl wuz wif her! O, joy! Ai got urly noms! Tihs meens endless hed & chin rubs frum PetGurl! Rite?...Rong.

Tehn they pik up soem stuff & lef.' Mom wuznt bak till teh sun terned off. & she wnet rite 2 sleep. Ai cudnt dance on her hed until stommik clok went off at 5 tihs moarnin. W'en stommik clok goes off, it mus' be fed & Ai haz 2 wake Mom. Soemtiem it meenz dancin' on her hed till she gits up & GITS MAI BREFFASS!

Ai dunno w'at's goin' on arown heer but soembody betta stay wit' teh cat! Or Ai will be finking abot stuff. W'at's Mportunt? TEH CAT!!!& teh cat's stommik.

BTW, nebber furgit: Cat stommik iz its own entity. Powerful entity.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Seals

Tehy R almos'  ez kyoot ez baby kittehs. So whai Canadian gov'munt lets peepuls kill baby seals? Ai dont git it.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Mom has been worried abot mai mew frien w'at comes ober sumtiems. He's ginger cat wit' a white muzzle & chest.  He has seekrit cat name but Mom calls him Stubby K. He is not nootered b'cuz he sprays teh carport & bakyard.  Ai  discubbered him b4 taht B'cuz Ai cud smell him but mai hyoomins cudnt.

W'en Poppa wuz gone & cudnt tek me owtsides, Mom wud let me owts fur mai poop spots & Ai took a few xtra minits 2 look fur him. "Hey! Ai kno ur owt heer sumwheres. Tihs is mai bakyard! Show ur face, dood!" Nuffin.

Wun day when Poppa was in hospital, Ai ax Mom if Ai cud go 2 bakyard  b'cuz Ai cud heer him but Mom cudnt. Hyoomins dont heer & smell ez gud ez us. Tehn Ai see him behine teh big white oak. "Dood! Ai heer u breevin' & Ai smell u. Why u come 2 mai bakyard ebber day?"


Ai slowly walk ober to see him close. He is bigger tehn me but kinda skerred. His eyes is big & him hav hurst N tehm.

"O, gosh. Sorry. Ai lost frum mai 4eva home & Ai  hav hurts," he say.

"Dood! How U git away frum ur 4eva home? U lef' ur bakyard? Why U do taht?" Ai say.

"Well, Ai smell gurl kittehs far frum mai bakyard, so Ai goes looking fur where teh smell come frum. It wuz liek a speshul smell taht wuz pullin' & pullin' me & b4 Ai know it Ai far frum mai 4eva home. U eva hav taht feelin' & taht pull?"

"No, akshully." Ai say. "U dont know where ur 4eva home iz, tehn taht iz not gud."Ai jus' cant amajin leevin' a 4eva home ober a smell taht dont involve turkeygravy flava. But Mom sez w'en u haz TEH SERJRY teh smell ov gurl kittehs dont pull u.

"Ai wuz on mai way bak & got konfyoosed b'cuz sumfing chase me," He sed. "And tehn tihs happen & Ai so hurt & ...YOOOOOWWWL!"

Ai kin see why he yowl & hav hurt N his eyes! Iz most horrible fing!  His tail stop in the middle 7 tehre iz blood dried on the fur w'ere yoosta b a tail.

"O! Poor fing! Come wit' me. Mebbe mai Mom kin help u." Ai tern 2 walk 2 the hows fur him 2 follow. Mom comes owt 2 teh catio 2 call me insides.
"Come, on!" Ai say. "Teh're Mom now." But he is gone & Ai not git his name. So Ai go insides wit' Mom, hoping he will come bak so he kin git help.

Later Mom heer's a yowl owtsides & finking she left me on teh catio & fell alseep b'cuz Poppa's not home yet & needer 1 of us iz sleeping on owr ushual skedyul. Ai run 2 teh door wit' her. "Well, Bobbo, if U r N heer wif me then who iz taht yowling owtside?"

"Come on Mom! There's hurt kitteh owt heer! Ai seen him urlier! He needs owr help!" Ai say & Ai run owt. But he is gone & Mom dont unnerstan. She finks Ai jus' need 2 go 2 poo spot in teh bakyard, tells me 2 hurry up so we kin go bak 2 bed. Ai know him iz behine the big white oak w'er Mom can't see from teh catio. Ai tell him iz OK 2 folla me but he runned away agin.

Later Ai tell him all abot me, Mom, Poppa & PetGurl.  He wached owr hows & wait fur me 2 come owtsides. He see Poppa come home & Poppa see me talkin' 2 him from udder side ov bakyard b'cuz he too skerred 2 let Poppa git too close. Later he see Mom, too. He say he kno  when Mom's car come iz not long she lemme go owt bak ov teh catio. So Mom see him run across bakyard from carport almo's ebberday & she smell his spray owt teher.

He say he fink abot follering me insides nex' time b'cuz mai fambly seem liek berry mice peepuls & his half tail hurts. Him yowl so loud Mom heers him all teh tiem now. So Ao goes owt & he is neer mai poop spot. Ai tells him 2 folla me w'en Mom sez "Buttonsbuttonsbuttons!" And he duz! Ai go rite 2 mai noms bowl fur sharing wit him but w'en Ai tern arown, him not tehr! Him chikkund owt! Mom musta knowed he wuz still tehr b'cuz she put sum ov mai dry food on teh catio.

Later, Ai find owt from him taht he got so slkerred. But he camed to teh catio door 2 call fur me. Mom leevs the blinds up jus a li'l so he looked N 2 see if he cud see me..and he sawed Mom lookingbak at him! He stared at her but he cunt move, he wuz so skerred. Tehn she took a step towards teh door & he took off 2 teh bak fence & owt ov teh yard. He tol' me to tell Mom fanks fur teh food.

Mai Mom is skerred fur him. She say she see his hurt tail & want him 2 git helped. Ai herd Mom say 2 PetGurl, "Maybe we should call animal control."

"No!" sed PetGurl. "Remember what hapened 2 LeeLee & Gracie, tehr."

"They're supposed to be a no-kill shelter now. I'm thinking maybe they will take care of his tail stump & keep him until he's adopted. he cant roam teh nayberhood liek that. Poor thing's in pain."

"No!" Sed PetGurl. "Tohse r teh same peepuls taht sed tehy'd keep LeeLee  Gracie fur 3 days & tehy dint. Ai dont want 2 take taht chance wit' Stubby."

"Perhaps ur rite," sed Mom. "Maybe we kin call the Northside taht haz anipals fur adopshun at teh wh'er Bob's vet iz. Ai see if Ai kin giv tehm a call. Meenwhile, Ai'll kee putting handfuls of dry food owtside fur him so he will kee coming & start trusting us a little bit."

Ai dont know abot w'at a Northside is but Ai hope tehy kin help Stubby wit' his tail & a mew 4eva home.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dont Want The Bed "Fixed." Iz Fine Liek it Iz!

Sumtiem Ai reeely purrfur Mom & Poppa dont fix teh bed. Reeely

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

Three Days Until Spay Day 2012

Well, akshually we're posting tihs a bit late--so hurry up.
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Our goal for Spay Day 2012 is to raise $2500 in funds to fix 100 animals through our spay and neuter programs. By preventing unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, we are reducing the number of animals killed every year for lack of caring homes and loving families. 
To help us achieve this goal, your donations will be doubled thanks to a generous matching donation. This means your donation dollars will go twice as far! 
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