Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summa Pains

Teh summa haz ben mixd up fur me. Teh start had me frowing up moar. Ai haz sum speshul food whut Ai duz not liek. Mom got teh nuggets kine but Ai duznt liek taht so much needer. So Ai tries 2 sneek Wimphead's fude. Ai kin jis glare at him & he will moov, cuz Ai am FURS CAT!!!

 Mom & Poppa cot on 2 taht trik & started feeding him at a diffurnt tiem Or, in teh case of Mom, who haz moar payshins, stand rite tehre & wach me eat mai noms.But when Wimphead moovs Ai eat his fude enyways. Mom haz started mixing medicine fude wiht teh reglar stuff so Ai will eet moor ov it.
Ai also has mai arfritis aking up moar so Ai haz to keep mai bones warm on Poppa or on teh catio cement. Sumtiems in mai favrit lawn cher next 2 Poppa's. Poppa iz teh only wun in teh hows who lieks a cold, cold hows.

Well, Ai haz 2 go nak owtsides now fur warming mai bones. Ow! Mai lef shoulder hurts!

~Emperor Bob

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kittehs & Eeser Lillies

Iz teh tiem ov yeer fur Eeser lillies. Tehy iz dangermous fur pets, gibbing goggies tummy prollems but tehy iz far moar deddly fur cats. Reed tihs artakul:


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Tiem in Sowf Meweeziana

Ai um wachin YOU!
Iz been a long cole wintertiem fur ebbrbody. Ai do not  like teh cole weffer! Ai heerd teh cats up norf had blizzerds outside, wich iz a deezert wif ice creems.  Ai fink if it wuz ice creems outside tehn taht muss be beery cole!

We cats wat hav had toe ampyootayshins (wich iz wat teh crool declawing operayshin REALLY is) has a harder tiem wif cole becuz we gits moar arfritis in owr bones. So Ai say YAY SPRING! Wimphead Winston kin take moar cole tahn me. Ai fink he iz just too dum to kno wehn he is cole.

Wun fing about spring is mew baby burds & mew evul baby  skwurls iz comin ---an also pets iz being bornd. We haz to be kerful abot cats wat hav not been spayed or nootered Bcuz they iz moar likely to be travelin. Speshly teh boy cats wat smell teh gurl cats a long way off and tries to travel long distances to wher they mite be....Well, goggies, too.  Teh boys also gits n2 fites ober territory where tehy smells females in heet. Tehy are in danger frum crossing hiways and udder territories if tehy is not nootered. So iz gyd idea fur nootering.

Tahts all Ai haz to say 2day.
Hiz Royul Hi-ness Bob, Out.

Oh! Heer iz sum links 2 moar infurmayshin wat proovs how smart Ai am:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ai haz a storee2 tell.But Ai wont tell it 2day.I haz 2 haz a nap.

Sry fur notpostin in a while.
IZ mai purrogitiv.
Ai AM cata affer all.
Nappy Mew Yeer

~Bob (Mr. Bob 2 U)