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CatTimes Weekly: Cats as therapists, pet parents, and more

The CatTimes Weekly
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cats as therapists

Dogs aren't the only animals who make therapy pets - cats are effective for helping humans with diseases and illnesses; see what felines make the best therapy cats.
Cats as therapists
Being a pet parent may cut heart-disease risk

Being a pet parent may cut heart-disease risk

An American Heart Association study has shown that owning a pet cat or dog has a host of health-related benefits, including reduced stress and lower risk of heart disease.
How old is that shelter cat?

How old is that shelter cat?

Millions of cats and kittens are in animal shelters, but how are their ages determined when they first enter the facility? Our expert gives an answer.
How to give a cat a bath

How to give a cat a bath

Even if you have an older cat who has never been bathed, it can be done without trauma to you or the feline; simply follow these step-by-step directions.
Adoptable cat of the week

Adoptable cat of the week

Boomer in Burlingame, California, is Save a Cat'sadoptable cat of the week; please share his photo with everyone you know and let's see if we can find this senior tabby a forever home.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Truth About Cat People and Dog People

Mom sez iz moar mportunt 2 b a aminal purrson tahn wun who iznt. See if u see urself in tihs arkittle:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wen Moms Go Owt ov Town

Furs ov all, mai blog haz been owt ov order & taht haz ben buggin me. Seems liek Winston Wimphed iz onlee wun who cud post all hiz silliness wen Ai cudnt. Ai wuz so mad, Ai slap him wen Mom wuznt lookin.

Nex, mai Mom went sumplays called "Owt-ov-Town." Ai dnt kno wher taht iz but she wuz gone fur days. Poppa wuz heer fur a bit & we wached TV ez yoojul but tehn Poppa hadda leev & PetGurl camed 2 see me! Ai luv PetGurl! She iz gud staff & Wimphed iz skerred ov her. Affer a few days he camed owt ov hiding & mai PetGurl akshully petted his hed! Tehn he ated food & hided agin. Wat a doofus.

Onlee fing abot Mom being gone iz mai breffas wuz not on skedjul. Heers wat peepuls fink: Taht we cats dont keer wen tehy iz gone. We do. We dont liek 2 b in teh hows bai owrsefs eder. But you kin mek fings betta fur us wile u iz gone. Heers sum artikuls on the subjik:

How to Leave Your Cat Home Alone

Do Cats Get Lonley If Left Home Alone All Day?

Misconceptions About Cats

Leaving a Cat Alone While on Vacation

Friday, August 9, 2013

Kajun Kitteh Songs

par Winston Henry

 Bon appétit Pour Les Chats (a la Bill Russell)

 Oh! Mais j'aime l'heure du déjeuner! Bon appétit! (Pour moi) 
Le petit déjeuner est fantastique!! Bon Appetite! (Miam miam) 
Bon appétit mes amis! Oh mon dieu!
Bon appétit, ma cherie! Bon appétit! (miam miam!) 

Oh, j'aime le déjeuner! Bon appetite! (pour moi) 
Déjeuner est fantastique! Bon appetite! (Miam Miam) 
Bon appétit mes amis! Oh mon dieu! 
Bon appétit, ma cherie! Bon appétit! (miam miam!) 

Oh, mais j'aime mon dîner!oui! Bon appétit (pour moi!) 
Mon dîner est fantastique! Bon appetite! (Miam! Miam!) 
Bon appétit mes amis! Oh mon dieu!
Bon appétit, ma cherie! Bon appétit! (miam miam!) 

Oh mon dieu Temptayshun treets! Bon appétit pour les chats 
Bon appétit! Miam! Miam! Miam! Miam! Miam! Miam! Miam!

Translations: (Bon apétit means "Good meal!" or "Enjoy your meal!") for Cats

Oh I love breakfast time! Bon appétit (for me)
 Breakfast is fantastic! Bon appétit (Yum yum!)
Bon appétit my friends! Bon appétit! OMG!
Bon appétit, my dear! Bon appétit (Yum Yum!)

Oh, I love lunch! Bon appétit! (for me)
Lunch is fantastic! Bon appétit (yum yum)

Oh, I love my dinner! Bon appétit (for me)
My dinner is fantastic! Bon appétit (Yum yum)

OMG! Temptation treats!(spelled in cat language)
Bon appétit for cats! Bon appétit! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cat Spit Misseries--Epuhsode 1, Part Free

Chapper 6: Sumfin Skwurly

Hansum, wunnerful, debbinair, jeenyus, jenrus cat-abot-town, Mr. Bob Buttons wuz in kwandry abot whut wuz happnin' fur 2 git spit on his cat toys wat wuz not his spit. Big Urnge, teh cat w'at wuz brot 2 his kingdom, hepped him innerview Stubby Kay teh Skray, a cat wiht haff a tail. Big Urnge wuz tryin' 2 hide Bob's toys frum teh Evul Skwurl Brudders hoo had sumhow got inside teh manchin & tooked Bob's cat toys. Tihs is wher teh story lef' off. Now u iz cot up on preevus chappers. Reed on. 
"Big Urnge, we will git hyommin staff 2 open doors so we kin kech tehm Evul Skwurl Brudders urly n teh moarnin; fur interrogayshin!" Mr. Bob promeownsd.

Nex moarnin Bob saw teh Evul Skwurl Brudders unner teh oak tree n teh bakyard ov hiz kingdom. Wun ov tehm wuz nex 2 teh bush eatin' Bob's acorns wile teh udder wun wuz keepin lookowt on teh trunk ov teh tree.

Mr. Bob mooved N closer. "CHEE!! CHEE!!CAT! CAT!" skreeched teh swurl on teh tree.

"Look, Evul Skwurls," sed Mr. Bob. "Ai duznt wanna chase u 2day. Ai jus' want mai toys bak."

"Wha'?" sed teh evul skwurl unner teh bush. He had mooved closer 2 teh tree.


"Cat is tryin' to trik us cuz he knos he cant kech us!" sed teh skwurl on teh tree. "Come, come come come, Brudder! Less go!"
"Up the tree! Up teh tree! Wher teh cat cant folla me! Silly cat! Has no claws!" an' he run up teh tree wiht his evul brudder. Frum bottom branch tehy tawnted Mr. Bob. "No claws! No claws! CHEE CHEE!"
"Silly clawless cat!" sed wun ov teh brudders. "U kno skwurls dont play wiht cats' toys!"
"Yah!" giggled teh udder brudder."U is tryin' 2 trik us 2 come down tehr so u kin kech us! Ha! We's 2 smart fur U!"
Tehm Evul Skwurl Brudders run off fru teh trees doin' skwurl giggles n sech ez teh crossed ober 2 teh nex yard and teh wun affer taht, and on till Bob cud not see tehm no moar.

Mr. BobButtons sighed. "Tehm evul guys iz kumpleet ijits. W'at do u--"
Bob stopped mid-sentuns as he ternd arown fur Big Urnge...

Chapper 7: Big Urnge, MIA
Bob ternd arown & fownded taht Big Urnge wuz not behine him ez planned. He called fur staff 2 let him bak inside manchin.
Mr. Bob calld fur Big Urnge.
"Ai am up heer," him sed from bak ov sofa.
Bob hop up  on sofa to look at Big Urnge face-to-face. "U wuz s'posed to be rite behime me wile Ai kweschin Evul Skwurl Brudders! Wha'happin?"

", Ai git tired an need nap," sed Big Urnge. Him lik inside ov paw. Bob notice him wuz breeving hard.

"Why R U breeving so hard? Did U run all teh way bak 2 manchin from bein skerrd ov Evul Skwurls?" Bob axed, wiht his hed ternd sidways. Him wuz finking, Stoopid Big Urnge skerrdy cat!

"Um, yah, taht's it," purred Big Urnge. It wuz a sleepy purr. Tehn him restd his big urnge hed on his front paws an cloze his eyes. "If u dont mind, Ai am reddy fur moarnin nap."
Big Urnge skreched and yawned.

"But what abot mai toys! Ai mus' fine tehm!" Sed Mr. Bob. "Mai invessigayshin iz not dun!"

"Oh, fa sho M'sieur Bob" yawnd Big Urnge. "U iz so smaht. U iz bestes invesstigater. If ennybuddy kin fine tehm u will. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

"Hmmmmm," Fot Mr. Bob. "He iz rite wiht his big silly urnge self. Ai am Mr. Bob Buttons, masser ov mai domane!"

Tehn Mr. Bob heerd a sown ov Greenie treets bein'sprinkleded in hiz food bowl bai staff.

"TREETZ!!!" him showt. Him run 2 kichun fur noms.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Cat Spit Misseries--Epuhsode 1-Part 2

Chapper 4: Interrogating Furs Suspek Stubby-K
Mr. Bob, wunnerful hansum & debunnare cat, wuz in a quandry ez 2 whut wuz goin' on wiht al teh cat spit on his cat toys. Noo roommate, a big urnge cat, wuz helping him scowt teh mansion perimeters fur teh skray cat whut sumtiems crossed teh territory ov his kingdom.

"Wayt!" Big Urnge stuk owt hiz paw. "Ecoute! Heer dat? Mus' be Stubby-K teh skray!"
 Bob lissened & heerd skrachin in teh weeds behine teh kingdom fence. It wuz indeed Stubby. He wuz a skray cat whut had haff a tail. Sumtiem staff lef' dry food at edge of kingdom fur him. 

"Come on owt, Stubby!" called Mr. Bob. Stubby peek owt from behine a bush.

"Look, Ai duhwan no trubbuls frum u 2day, Bob." Stubby growled.

"Nah, Ai not chasing u off 2day," sed Bob. "Ai jus' wanna know if u haz been in mai hows labeling ur spit on mai stuff lately."

"Hmph! R U kiddin'?" Stubby scoffed. "U know ur staff skerrs me! Ai onlee gits to teh edge ov teh kingdom fur food tehy leevs affer all u guys goes bak in!"

"Pish! A likely story!" sed Big Urnge. "Me, Umma bat u hed!" Big Urnge stomped his paw on teh grownd & Stubby disapeerded fru teh bushes an' wuz gone. "Skerrdy cat," Mumbled BigUrnge. 

"Wayt!" sed Mr. Bob. "Ai not exkyoos u! Ai haz moar kweschins!"

Jus' tehn staff call to say supper iz reddy & Mr. Bob & BIg Urnge run bak 2 teh mansion.

Chapper 5: Big Urnge Haz Ideer

Ez ushual Big Urnge gulped down hiz dinner an' wuz done in a flash. Mr. Bob took hiz tiem fur eeting becuz he eets polite an' is royultee. Tehn him deesided 2 recline in teh fambly room fur grooming and waching Burn Notis folloed bai NCIS. Ez he enterd teh room, much to hiz surprise he saw Big Urnge taking a fuzzy toy mows frum unner the sofa.

"Hey! Big Urnge! W'at R u doin'?!" Bob inkwired
'"Um...uh.." Big Urnge mumbuld. He dropped teh mows so he cud say: "Mais, M'sieur, Ai am moving teh mowsie so ...Stubby cannot finds it if he shud sneek into tihs house agin. Mais oui, taht's whut Ai am doing!"

"Oh... Ai see," sed Mr. Bob fotfully rubbing his chin wiht his paw. A fot camed 2 Mr. Bob's fabyoolus brane.  "Dont moov! Stay rite there, Big Urnge." He strolled to teh kichen an tookd a look et Big Urnge's food bowl. Tehn he sniffd it. Ah HA! Famillyer smelling cat spit!

"Hey! M'sieur Bob! Ai hav anudda ideer! Mebbe dem evul Skwurl Brudders been gittin' in heer!" sed Big Urnge.

"Hold it!" sneered Mr. Bob. "Lemme smell taht mows, Big Urnge."

"Wha-- why sho--Hey!" sed Big Urnge. " Oh, mon dieu! Taht mows, she be gone!"
"What?!" gasped Mr. Bob.
"Yah, taht mows Ah jus' had done disappeerd!" sed Big Urnge as he looked round. "Taht sho wuz fas' ov tehm evul Skwurl Brudders!"
"Grrr! Tohse Evul Skurls!" Bob growled. "You jus' wayt! We'll git staff 2 opun teh door so we kin hav a talk wiht tohse evul guys!"
[Part Free (3) ov Epuhsode 1 of Cat Spit Misseries will be heer b4 u kno it! ~Bob]

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cat Spit Missterees-- Epuhsode 1, by Mr. Bob Buttons, Esq.

Chapper 1: Cat Royultee
It wuz a dark & stormee nite. Teh man ov teh hows, a  hansum gray striped tabby wif a regul pink nose, sipped his cat nip tea from his porslun cat dish. His nem was Mr. BobButtons, and he wuz cat so-sytee's goldun boy: Debbinair, cat-abot-town. Him wuz also super slooth in hiz spare time. If cat so-sytee membas needed a missteree solved, Mr.Bob wuz tehr go-2 guy.

Mr. Bob had all kines ov cat toys at his hiss-pozawl. He had hyoomin staff fur purviding his evury need. All he hadda do wuz clap his paws 2gedder. Sum sed wuz cat royultee--deesendint ov Egyptshun cat kings. But Ai digress.

Chapper 2: Teh Interloper
Wile teh real-rayne continued owtsides, Mr.Bob sipped his catnip tea & enjoyed a epuhsode ov Burn Notice on his big screem TV. Suddunly, he heered teh arrivul ov teh fambly car. He smelld his favrit staff--teh wun who gits his breffass, knowd ez Mom. But, whut iz tihs? He smelld sumfing berry diffrunt. He smelld [dramatic myoosik--Dum dum DAAAAH!] a skranger!


Teh skranger wuz big & Urnge. He did not talk much. Mr. Bob sed 2 his staff,  "Git him sumfing 2 eat. But dont use mai bowl. He kin stay ez long ez he stays outta mai way."

"Fank yew, Mr. Bob Buttons, sir." sed the staff--& tehy bowed & skraped ez Mr.Bob excused tehm frum the room. 

And so fur days teh skranger stayed & he hided in teh wash room & sumtiems he sleeped on teh bak ov teh sofa wiht teh staff. Slowly he becomd moar brave & begind 2 walk moar freely abot Mr.Bob's kingdom. Tehn him eben sleep in plays ov ohner at hed ov bed wher staff sleep at feet (but staff fink cats iz at feet ov bed).
 Mr.Bob hav 2 wurds 2 say abot tihs: "Not cool." But big Urnge skranger hav no udder plays 2 stay so Mr. Bob wiht gud & open hart let him stay. "Jus' stay ur big Urnge tail on TAHT side ov mai bed & dont cross ober to mine."

Chapper 3: Cat Spit
If deer reeder duzn't know, cats stake claym by rubbing tehr mowf on stuff tehy lieks. Taht let udder cats know whut belongs. Mr. Bob had his rubs on ebbrting in his kingdom. Iz Mr. Bob law.  

"Bermember, tihs mai kingdom. Ai jus' lets u liv heer. Mai cat rubs iz on ebbrting. U kin smell wher Ai rubs teh side of mai mowf. If u smells taht, DONT tuch b'cuz iz MINE!"

So Big Urnge skranger go play unner kichen tabul &unner bed wher Mr. Bob haz no intiriss & wher Mr. Bob sez he kin stay there fur playing & napping.

Tehn wun day it happun! Wors kays sunario: Free, count 'em, free catnip mowses smell liek anudder cat's spit! Tihs will not do! Mr. Bob Button's Cat Law iz broked in his own kingdom! 

"Who did tihs berry bad fing!" say Mr. Bob. Tehre wuz no anser frum nobuddy. Hmph.

Nex day tehre was cat spit on side of teh frig and on wun of Mr. Bob's favrit napping spots on the luv seat. Cudnt ax staff to help b'cuz tehy didnt seem 2 unnerstan, so Mr. Bob hadda go remark all his own spot. BUT he cudnt cover teh cat spit on teh toy mowses. Tehy wuz jus' tooo, tooo sachrayted. Evun teh mowses Mr. Bob hided unner teh sofa from staff.

"Hey, Big Urnge! U knows ennyfing abot tihs?" Mr. Bob ax. Yooshally he not talk 2 Big Urnge unless he in teh way--to tell him 2 git owt of teh way.

"Oh mais non ,M'sieur Bob!" He say, liking his chops. "Dont know nuffing abot taht! Mebbe iz taht cat waht walk across teh bakyard tout le temps. "
Such dill-lemma! Mr. Bob iz upset. He contemplake teh kingdom owtsides & ax staff to look owt tehre fur anudder cat. But staff iz not alweys smart. Taht iz why tehy is staff. 

"Ai kno!" sed teh Urnge wun, "Ai go owt tehr wit u, M'sieur Bob. Ai help u patrol the perimetre. We will see wher dis cheer udder cat haz been ober u kangdom an chase him off & cover him smells."

"Gud ideer fur Big Urnge dummy!" say Mr. Bob. He sit bai catio door & yoos mentul telepathy 2 git staff to opun. Mom staff goed owt 2 wurk on  Mr. Bob's kingdom garden at twilight wile Mr. Bob & Big Urnge scout bakyard.

[Stay tuned for Epuhsode 2 ov Cat Spit Missterees---Coming soon! Saym cat time, Saym cat stayshun! ~Bob]

Monday, June 10, 2013


How wud u liek fur sumbuddy 2 ampyoo-- amee-- cut off teh ends ov ur fingers fur saving tehr furnichur? Mai feets has nebber been rite since mai preevus howshold had me declawed. Winston runs betta tehn Ai duz but he haz side effects also.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Joys of Adopting Older Pets

Good morning! I'm Bob and Winston's mom and I just wanted to stop in to post a serious essay on the joys of adopting older pets. Serious. I'm wearing my serious face as I type this. Believe me, it is a really serious face.

First, I like to take pictures of the adventures of the boys. Bob doesn't like to have his picture taken so he usually stops doing the cute humorous things once I take out my camera. Then he glares at me and says, "OK, enuff wiht teh pikchurs." This attitude he has learned from his Poppa. Seriously. Winston doesn't care as long as he has food and gets an hour's worth of chin rubs each day. That is all he wants. Ever. Except maybe a squirrel which he cannot catch because his previous family had him declawed.

He was able to bring me a lovely black and white moth from the back yard and a palmetto bug which had crawled under the patio door after a rain. No. I take that back. he doesn't share his palmetto bugs. Instead he used to play with them in the hall until the legs fell off. That's when I would find a legless and often headless bug in the hallway and Winston would give me a look that says: "Oh. Furgot about that. Since he ain't movin' no more, you kin hav him." I have since installed a weather strip under that door to save the limbs and lives of hapless palmetto bugs. Yeah, that's the ticket--I'm saving palmetto bug lives.

The  adventures of Mr. Bob Buttons and Winston Henry---the ones I can and cannot photograph---are such fun. Hopefully some of their antics will encourage Bob's readers to adopt an older pet from a shelter so that they, too can have fond older pet adventures. I have to share today's with you.

Actually, Mr. Bob Buttons has been very busy hanging with his Poppa and watching the Burn Notice marathon. Meanwhile, Win has had to go to the vet today to have his teeth cleaned. This involved
him being squeezed into the soft pet carrier (while I thought I could hear Bob chuckling) and having to stay there all day until the anthes--anesth--- until the "knock out" meds wore off. There is a residual effect for the rest of the evening--meaning, Winston is still a bit loopy from his procedure.

After I dropped Win at the vet, Poppa told me that he and Bob had such fun. First there was the morning nap. Then, Poppa said Bob suggested they go to Burger King at about 11:30. He said Bob thought it would be a good joke if he drove through the drive through. "Immajum teh look on teh cashiers' face!" Poppa told Bob that that was not a good idea because Bob is not on our insurance as an approved driver. Perhaps this summer after he's had a driver's ed class and earned a  permit.

We live not far from the zoo so they went there after their after lunch nap. Bob wanted  a snow cone at the zoo but Poppa knows he never finishes them. So he got a bag of popcorn instead--which Bob shared with the elephants and the lions. Sometimes we can hear the lions' roars from our front yard. Bob was so glad to meet them in person. He introduced himself and told them he was a big fan of their broadcasts. Poppa said when he turned away for a bit, he could have sworn that he saw the lion and Bob exchange raised paw salutes and he thought he heard Bob say, "Solidarity! Free Timba!"

On the way home, Poppa needed a few things from the grocery. Bob stayed in the car. When Poppa came out of the store he heard all kinds of racket. Bob was making faces at two weimaraner  dogs in the neighboring parked car and the dogs were going nuts! Bob was laughing his head off at them and they were barking their heads off with dogfanities.

"Come on, Bob. Let me get you home!" Poppa said. Then they both ate something fried because I wasn't home to stop them and they took an afternoon nap. About that time I came home with drugged out Winston in the pet carrier. I poured Win out of the carrier and he slid under the kitchen table. I was sure Bob was snickering behind his paw.

I asked Poppa not to forget to feed them while I ran to a meeting and that they should watch Win who was still woozy from the sedation at the vet's.  During a commercial break, Poppa went out to smoke and Bob followed as usual. They left the patio door slightly open behind them.  A few seconds later, an orange streak ran out  between them and across the yard squealing, "Squiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeelllll!"It was Win. He tripped over a branch and rolled over on his back and just lay there under the oak tree. "Ooooooo. Ah see skwurls up der!"

Bob looked at Win, then up at Poppa. "Wat a ijjit!"

When I got home from my meeting, Poppa and Bob were finishing up the Burn Notice marathon and preparing for dinner. Winston was on the patio staring at a potted plant.

There are many adventures to be had from adopting an older pet. There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Y'all know how much Ah luvs food! Affer all, Ah'm a sowt Loozanna cat! AAAIIIEEEE! Mah mom med diseer video abot Looozanna food fa sum skool enfants. Enjoy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ahhhh! PetGurl!!

When Mom camed home yessirday, Ai wuz glad to see her but better tahn taht wuz mai PetGurl camed in behine her!

 PetGurl! PetGurl! Ai lvs mai PetGurl! She is so sweet! Ai let's her pick me up. Nobody kin pick me up liek PetGurl!

We go to a room where only PetGurl open teh door and Ai kin nap on PetGurl laundry and git PetGurl hed rubs and PetGurl chin rubs. PetGurl givs me moar food in mai bowl. Ai git so full of cat food, cat treetz and cat rubs when PetGurl iz arown. If Ai wanna go owtsides & come bak insides in 5 minutes, PetGurl will lemme and PetGurl will watch teh door fur me and sit owtsides fur me!

Winston goes to hide wehn PetGurl is arown. She iz still a stranger to him. Taht is anudder plus fur having MAI PETGURL come to see me!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekly Missive [Mews frum CAAWS! ~Bob]

Tihs mesich iz frum owr furrens at CAAWS. [you kno, the plays w'er Winston camed frum. We wont hol' it aginst tehm.]~Bob
First up, news and housekeeping:

Thanks to ASPCA's Petrie Grant recently awarded to Companion Animal Alliance, foster adoptions through April 30 this year over the number of foster adoptions during the same period last year will earn $50 for CAA in grant funds.  This applies to any adoption by a volunteer foster who finds the home and processes the adoption without the dog returning to the shelter, either through offsite events or personal networking.  We thank each and every foster parent and encourage more members of the community to sign-up!  Fostering saves lives!  If you are interested, please contact CAA at {}.

MARCH MADNESS:  HOUNDS ON THE REBOUND!  Mar. 1 – 31 all dogs over 40 lbs are ½ price ($40), including vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter.   (Purebreds excluded.)  Please spread the word.  The flier is attached again to forward, print and share.

ST. CATRICK'S DAY is coming up!  March 14-18 any Project Purr or CAA kitty cat adoptions receive a free office visit and consultation inside the Petsmart Millerville.  The flier will be on our Facebook page and attached to next week's missive. Thank you, Petsmart!

Next up:  Can you help?

1/ Copies, anyone, pretty please

2/ Shelter needs office help

3/ Shaw Center - fosters and volunteers needed

4/ Government St. Super Sale - fosters and volunteers needed

5/ Thursday afternoon photos

6/ Wish List

7/ Orientation – April sign-up

                                                    ----- - - - - - ----- - - - -----

1/ Fliers to hand out –  is there anyone who could make us a stack of copies for the March Madness promotion?  We need them for the shelter and the offsites.  Please and thank you!

2/ Office help needed!  If you love animals and want to volunteer, but haven't attended orientation, or would prefer to give in a non-contact way, there is a place for you!  CAA desperately needs office assistance – answering the phone, retrieving messages, filing documents, unfolding newspapers, and more.  This job is open 11am – 5pm 7 days a week.  We'll be glad to take whatever you can give!.  No badge required.  Reply to this email for more information.

3/ Shaw Center offsite Sunday 1p – 4p - CAA and Friends are listed as sponsors of the Skippyjon Jones show at the Manship Theatre on Sunday.   (Nice PR!)  CAA is looking for temporary cat fosters and/or volunteers to man the table and hand out brochures.  Friends has 5 dogs lined up.  We have a few kittens on the way (thank you, Katie!), but would love more.  Reply to this email for more information.

4/ Government Super Sale this weekend!  Can anyone sign up to man our table or bring temporary foster animals to this fun event?  We have lots of brochures to hand out and would like to have cats/dogs for adoption.  The schedule will allow for both this and Orvis.  Part of the proceeds are going to CAA!  We thank the organizers for their support of our mission. ( Respond to me if you can help.

5/ Petfinder photographers come Thurs. afternoon starting at 4p. We have badges to help pull the animals so photographers with no badge can take pictures.   Fun!

6/ Our wish list is still going strong and we thank you!  You can order these items or bring them by.

7/ Mark your calendars now for the April orientationTues., Apr. 2, 6pm at the shelter.  RSVP strongly suggested!

As always,






Cathy Coates

Volunteer Coordinator

Companion Animal Alliance

Oh, Mais Non!

Oh, mes chers! Ah haz sum advise pour vous! If you mom come home rite affer woik in a rush wit PetGurl, do not trus' da cuddles & da treets you kno you not sposed to hav in da middle of da day. It's a double team to git you in da cat carrier to go to da (oh, mon dieu) VET!!!

Dat's wat happen to me yesstadey! Once dey gots me in dat carrier an' put it in da car---IN DA CAR--Dat is skerry place cher! Ah knowed we waz off to dat pless wat smell ov goggies skrange peepuls duz tings to you! Dis cheer waz da woise caws der waz lotsa goggies der barkin' an wut not. Musta been 1,000 million goggies der yesstadey.

Den woise ov woise dey stikted me! DEY STIKTED ME! Ah sey dat iz not call fah! Ah not talk to Mom all teh wey home. Mais you knowed me: soon Ah furgivved mai mom b'cuz she gots da bes' lap wit da bes' chin rubs. Aaaaaaaaah. She gots so much warmz.

BUT Ah will not fall fah dat trick agin! Fa sho!