Friday, July 5, 2013

Cat Spit Misseries--Epuhsode 1-Part 2

Chapper 4: Interrogating Furs Suspek Stubby-K
Mr. Bob, wunnerful hansum & debunnare cat, wuz in a quandry ez 2 whut wuz goin' on wiht al teh cat spit on his cat toys. Noo roommate, a big urnge cat, wuz helping him scowt teh mansion perimeters fur teh skray cat whut sumtiems crossed teh territory ov his kingdom.

"Wayt!" Big Urnge stuk owt hiz paw. "Ecoute! Heer dat? Mus' be Stubby-K teh skray!"
 Bob lissened & heerd skrachin in teh weeds behine teh kingdom fence. It wuz indeed Stubby. He wuz a skray cat whut had haff a tail. Sumtiem staff lef' dry food at edge of kingdom fur him. 

"Come on owt, Stubby!" called Mr. Bob. Stubby peek owt from behine a bush.

"Look, Ai duhwan no trubbuls frum u 2day, Bob." Stubby growled.

"Nah, Ai not chasing u off 2day," sed Bob. "Ai jus' wanna know if u haz been in mai hows labeling ur spit on mai stuff lately."

"Hmph! R U kiddin'?" Stubby scoffed. "U know ur staff skerrs me! Ai onlee gits to teh edge ov teh kingdom fur food tehy leevs affer all u guys goes bak in!"

"Pish! A likely story!" sed Big Urnge. "Me, Umma bat u hed!" Big Urnge stomped his paw on teh grownd & Stubby disapeerded fru teh bushes an' wuz gone. "Skerrdy cat," Mumbled BigUrnge. 

"Wayt!" sed Mr. Bob. "Ai not exkyoos u! Ai haz moar kweschins!"

Jus' tehn staff call to say supper iz reddy & Mr. Bob & BIg Urnge run bak 2 teh mansion.

Chapper 5: Big Urnge Haz Ideer

Ez ushual Big Urnge gulped down hiz dinner an' wuz done in a flash. Mr. Bob took hiz tiem fur eeting becuz he eets polite an' is royultee. Tehn him deesided 2 recline in teh fambly room fur grooming and waching Burn Notis folloed bai NCIS. Ez he enterd teh room, much to hiz surprise he saw Big Urnge taking a fuzzy toy mows frum unner the sofa.

"Hey! Big Urnge! W'at R u doin'?!" Bob inkwired
'"Um...uh.." Big Urnge mumbuld. He dropped teh mows so he cud say: "Mais, M'sieur, Ai am moving teh mowsie so ...Stubby cannot finds it if he shud sneek into tihs house agin. Mais oui, taht's whut Ai am doing!"

"Oh... Ai see," sed Mr. Bob fotfully rubbing his chin wiht his paw. A fot camed 2 Mr. Bob's fabyoolus brane.  "Dont moov! Stay rite there, Big Urnge." He strolled to teh kichen an tookd a look et Big Urnge's food bowl. Tehn he sniffd it. Ah HA! Famillyer smelling cat spit!

"Hey! M'sieur Bob! Ai hav anudda ideer! Mebbe dem evul Skwurl Brudders been gittin' in heer!" sed Big Urnge.

"Hold it!" sneered Mr. Bob. "Lemme smell taht mows, Big Urnge."

"Wha-- why sho--Hey!" sed Big Urnge. " Oh, mon dieu! Taht mows, she be gone!"
"What?!" gasped Mr. Bob.
"Yah, taht mows Ah jus' had done disappeerd!" sed Big Urnge as he looked round. "Taht sho wuz fas' ov tehm evul Skwurl Brudders!"
"Grrr! Tohse Evul Skurls!" Bob growled. "You jus' wayt! We'll git staff 2 opun teh door so we kin hav a talk wiht tohse evul guys!"
[Part Free (3) ov Epuhsode 1 of Cat Spit Misseries will be heer b4 u kno it! ~Bob]

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