Saturday, June 30, 2012

N Mom's Face

Hi. It's me, Winston Henry again. Thot Ai'd tek a few minits w'ile Bob is napping in teh bedroom 2 say a few fings.  
Firs' fing is, Ai fink iz grate fur peepuls to tek home pets taht R not babies. Ai wuz not sher w'at dees peepul wantd wit me at firs' but now Ai kno tihs is mai home.

Mr. Bob knos tihs is mai home too eben toh he is teh boss.  Ai haz mai own bowls & mai own litta poopy box. We kin share Mom's lap but Ai mus' git in her face & stay close Bcos Ai not want her lost. Ai mus kno wher she iz at all tiems. 
Here is pic of me & Mom. She is trying to do sumpn' & bAi haz 2 chek it owt bai gittin ' N her face & mekin' sher she sees me firs'.

Uh-oh. Mr. Bob is waking up. Gotta run.


P. S. Neber go owtsides bai urself. U mite git los' & taht is berry skerry. It happun 2 me!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Darn Cat, Indeed

This is Bob's Mom. Bob was in PetGurl's room that he claims as his own when she's not visiting. I hear a knock at the patio door--or something resembling a knock-- and look up to see a big orange and white face staring from beneath the blinds. I opened the door and Winston strolls in as if he had just stepped out for a few minutes to play in the grass. He went straight to Bob's bowl for a bite to eat and drank from the fountain about four times. It has been very warm here--in the upper 90's and up to 102 degrees out with no I'd think he'd be past thirsty.

Oh, well. He's back in his favorite spot over my head on the back  of the sofa. I think he's reading my net book over my shoulder, actually.

Welcome home, Winston Henry.
 Oops! Gotta run for another drink?

Taht Darn Cat!

We saw Winston las nite! Mom & PetGurl camed home from VBS and wuz abot 2 put up los' cat sines w'en Winston came dowt of his hiding place unner tha nayber's drive. He wuz sittin' unner a car & anserd wen Mom called him but liek he wuznt sher who she wuz. Persnully, Ai fink he is crazy.

I sat in teh front yard & talk 2 him, Cats talk 2 eeech udder wher hyoomins cant heer. Wen we talk 2 hyoomins teht heer, "Meow."

Ai'm tellin' him, "Doood, it's Mom. Folla her home liek she's tryin 2 git u 2 do." But he is lookin' liek unsher. He comed haff-way 2 her tehn run N2 teh pipe unner teh drive way. Mom call him sum moar & he come owt fer rubs. Tehn Mom carefully pik him up & he was OK fur abot 5 sekunds & he kik & run off.

Mom went 2 git teh PetGurl & teh carrier. PetGurl opend sum foo & he camed owt 2 luk at it, got spooked & runned across teh street. Mom & PetGurl gonna try agin 2nite.

Taht darn, Winston!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winston's Ad

Mom calld Companions Animul Alliance & took out ad fur Winston on Craig's list. Now she's mekking signs. Craig's list ad goes like tihs:

Winston: MIA

Poppa goes owtsides at nite wif his stinky smoke stiks & sumtiems he wakes up N the middle of teh nite. Ai goes owt wif him. Teh udder nite, abot midnite, Winston deesided 2 obercome his feer ov owtsides & go wif us. Yooshally he onlee goes owt wif Mom & he still aks kinda skerry ov Poppa. So when Poppa wuz dun wif the stinky stik he sed, :"Let's go in!" So Ai come in but Winston did not. He onlee comes fur Mom. Poppa couldn't get him so he closed teh door & fot Winston wud come skraching on the catio door lata.

At breffass, Poppa askd Mom if Winston camed 2 teh door & he tole her w'at happund. Mom sed, "WHAT!? U shudda woke me up 2 all him just tehn Bcuz he will come fur me! He's still a little afrayd of you."
Mom called and called. She & Poppa lukd unner teh cars, honked car horns 2 sker him owt. Ai went wif Mom 2 teh owtskirts of teh bakyard 2 look unner teh brambles & bushes bak tehre. Poppa hadda leev yessirday affernoon.

Owr fren Rumpy sugjes Mom leev owt his food & litta box so PetGurl put owt teh food yessirday. Ai hadda eat a bit of it 2 mek sher it tays gud fur him. Tehn Mom put owt teh litta box. Ai'm not tuching taht.

Ai hope he comes home soon. We wuz gittin' 2 be gud bros. He' s kinda shy & skerred ov stuff, so he stays close 2 Mom. Taht part gits on mai nurvs. But he plays a gud game of catnip mows soccer wif me & he knos sum gud jokes. Yah,ww wuz gettin' closer. Mom sez he haz a chip so she or PetGurl will call teh shelter 2day.

Liftin u up 2 Ceiling Cat. Winston, w'ever u R, Bro, come home!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mom & Poppa R Bak!

Mom & Poppa went away fur days fur suimpn' called 'Kairos Prisuminstry' 2 see teh peepuls who R locked up like Winston wuz B4 Mom went 2 reskyu him. Ai wish tehy wud hav brot 1 ov tehm home nsted ov Winston Bcuz at leest tehy wud hav fumbs fur opening cat food cans & treet powches.

PetGurl camed ova 2 feed & pet us & skoop owt teh litta boxes. Winston reeely messes up his box Bcuz he dont liek 2 go owtsides liek me. Tehn he kiks litta owt his pan Nsted ov ova his mess!

Winston iz not hiding so much  now & will tap me so Ai kin chase him. Ai haz 2 admit taht iz fun but not when mai hyoomins iz neer. PetGurl stayed a while, let me owtsides & he hid unner kichen table & sofas when she wuz rown Xsept when she crak open a cat food can. YAY, PetGurl!

Ai'm so glad Mom & Poppa R home. Mom wuz so tired she went 2 sleep on the sofa wif teh tv on. Winston sat on her so Ai went 2 teh bedroom wif Poppa. He wuz so tired he went 2 sleep wif teh tv cliker n his hand.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Winston Schminston

Ai gess Ai'm gittn' yoos 2 Winston Being rown. He still hides but he hangs owt wif Mom a lot wen he comes owt. Ai dunno how 2 tek taht. He still jus' kinda luks at me & goes hiding wen Ai walk in a room. Taht's fine bai me. Ai jus stared at him on teh sofa helping mom wach tv. Ai'm s'posed 2 help Mom wach tv. Today Ai just wach Poppa wach tv. Ai let Poppa rub my hed, mai chin & share teh bed while we wached Burn Notice.Dint let Mom touch me fur a minit. Iz Father's Day eny way. Gotta giv Popp a privalij of rubbing mai hed fur Father's Day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mista Bob iz Owtside

Hai. Um... Ai'm  a li'l nurvis.. Um. Ai com owt wen Mista Bob iz not rown. kind meks me nurvis b'cuz Ai kin smell wher he hz claimed ebberting arown heer. So Ai'm in his terrytoree..& well...ebberfing meks me nurvis. NooMom sed, wile Mista Bob iz owtside, Ai kin take tihs oppertoonty 2 innerduce misef. Mai name iz Winston Henry. Wall, Ai betta go now. Ai hz jess  few minits to git chin rubs & relax on teh sofer wif NooMom bcuz Mista will B bak soon. KThnxBai.

o9pppppppppppppppp88888 (Winston Henry).

New Brofur

Mai FceBook fren talks abot kittehs wif no 4 eva homes. Wun wuz neerbai so Mom lef' in teh reel rains fur 2 owrs. Do u kno how long taht iz fur  cat 2 wayt? She come bak wif MAI carrier--teh wun Ai gits took 2 the (whispers) *vet* in. Tehre iz sum guy kitteh in tehre & he iz shakin' his bones. Long stery short: Tihs is mai mew brofur Winston Henry. He hides  lot. He stayed 3 days behind teh washer. Ai'm still gittin' used 2 sharing mai chin rubs.