Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taht Darn Cat!

We saw Winston las nite! Mom & PetGurl camed home from VBS and wuz abot 2 put up los' cat sines w'en Winston came dowt of his hiding place unner tha nayber's drive. He wuz sittin' unner a car & anserd wen Mom called him but liek he wuznt sher who she wuz. Persnully, Ai fink he is crazy.

I sat in teh front yard & talk 2 him, Cats talk 2 eeech udder wher hyoomins cant heer. Wen we talk 2 hyoomins teht heer, "Meow."

Ai'm tellin' him, "Doood, it's Mom. Folla her home liek she's tryin 2 git u 2 do." But he is lookin' liek unsher. He comed haff-way 2 her tehn run N2 teh pipe unner teh drive way. Mom call him sum moar & he come owt fer rubs. Tehn Mom carefully pik him up & he was OK fur abot 5 sekunds & he kik & run off.

Mom went 2 git teh PetGurl & teh carrier. PetGurl opend sum foo & he camed owt 2 luk at it, got spooked & runned across teh street. Mom & PetGurl gonna try agin 2nite.

Taht darn, Winston!

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