Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mom is doing hevvy cleening up. Stuff's gittin' moved arown. Ai don't liek that! Teh udder day Ai wuz looking fur mai blanky at foot of Mom & Dad's bed. It wuz not there! Ai fownded it in teh fambly room! IT NOT BELONG DER! Ai sat on it enyway.

Der's stuff on teh cowch in mai cowch spot. Dat's why Ai'm diskumBOByulated!
O, yeh. We R missing Unca Greg. He went bak 2 Florda 2day. PET GURL IS NOT HEEEEEERE. Pet Gurl, you yooshally mek me feel betta. W'en you comin' home? The day RownHead Boy stayed wit us Ai stayed under bed fur a long time.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fun Fambly ECard

Mai fambly celebrates teh REAL reason fur teh season but we made this fur fun!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Few Moar Carols. Heehee!

Carol Of The Bells 
(from the Cat's View)

Lites on teh walls, Brite shiny balls,
Barks frum a mutt, doors slamming shut,
All lalalalala of my hyoomins running around like ants on teh ground
Merry merry merry merry Crispmous!
Merry merry merry merry Crispmouse!

W'erd mai mom go? Who's at the door?
Who's kid iz dat? You skerred teh cat!
All lala mai surrownding's is chanjin' Peepuls a-comin' in here R strange
Merry merry merry merry Crispmouse!
Merry merry merry merry Crispmouse!

Why iz a tree in side wit' me? Lookin' fur me? 
All you will see iz end of me
All lalalala of mai li'l head is under bed
Merry merry merry merry Crispmouse!
Merry merry merry merry Crispmouse!

Belled the Kitteh

Kitteh cat walks, quiet cat stalks
Then teh tree tumbles down
B'cuz she quietly climbed on the presents
No one heard her in the front room 
She was sneaking around
And that is why now you kin hear

Just like that, we belled the cat
No sneakin' 'round on us kitteh
No moar of that, sneaky cat.
We here your bells on the way!

(C) Mr. BobButtons 2011

Last Chance for Animals - Hawaii Puppy Mill

Last Chance for Animals - Hawaii Puppy Mill

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frens June Buggie & Rumpy Dog Looking fur Home Fur Cat Friend

June Bug and Rumpy's hyoomin haz been fostering a rescued cat named Malachai. Go to this link and check him owt. Mebbe U kin help:

Moar Catmouse Carols


"Bark!" Ai hurd teh goggie greet.
Made me jump frum off mai feet.
"Bark, bark bark!" He say sum moar.
He jus' movin' in nex' door.

Why nobuddy warning me
small gogs kin be so noisy?
"Bark, bark bark!" He say sum moar.
He jus' movin' in nex' door.

Ai go owtsides jus' to find
Goggie sniffing mai behind!
 Gud thing Poppa iz wif me
Or you'd find me up a tree.
"Bark, bark bark!" He say sum moar.
He jus' movin' in nex' door.

"Bark!" teh goggie sez ag'in
Sez him want to be mai fren'.
Him so full of energy
Saying all them barks to me!
What him got der in his teef?
Looks like tiny Christmas reef!
Ready fur mai best defence
Goggie fownd hole in teh fence

Him drop reef down at mai feet
"Barkety Bark!" is what him greet.
Now Ai unnerstandin' that!
Him's saying "Merry Christmas, cat!"

That's so very nice  but, Oh,
Poppa's gotta fix that hole!
"Bark, bark bark!" He say sum moar.
He jus' movin' in nex' door.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mom Sed, "Someone left their new cat toy on my bed."

Wuzn't me. K Ya, it wuz me! Someone left their new cat toy on my bed. on Twitpic

Catmouse Carols

Who wers  a hat wif a catnip toy?
Santa wers a hat wif a catnip toy!
Who laffs dis way: "MEOW, BOY!"
Santa laffs dis way "MEOW, BOY!"
Catnip toy, meow boy!
Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Santa Claws!

Pawprint buttons on a furry red cape?
Santa's got that on his furry red cape! 
Who berry soon iz coming our way?
Santa berry soon iz coming our way!

Catnip toy, meow boy!!
Furry cape, Coming our way!
Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Santa Claws!

Who's round tummy you betta not touch?
Santa's round tummy you betta not touch!
Who eats treetz but not too much?
Santa eats treetz but not too much! 

Catnip toy, meow boy!!
Furry cape, Coming our way!
Betta not touch, Not too much! 
Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Mus' B Santa! Santa Claws!

It camed upon a midnite clear, wit ebberone try'nta sleep soound
When bumps and scratches heard down teh hall, wuz kitteh's playin' around.
"Peace in this hows!" Teh father shout, "You kittehs shud go to bed!"
Liek cats, they lissen not; so he went & put up der cat toys instead.

On the furs day of Catmouse, mai tru luv sed to me:
"Ai'm in da pink can wif dat orange white-face kitteh and teh pikchur of a turkey and turkey bits wit real cheese and gravy. Come beg fur me so ur hyoomins kin let me out and we kin be togedder NOW!"
[OK dat 1 don't rime but iz tru hart expresshun. Ai gots poetic license. ~BOB]

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mai Fren Bestbluecat Made Catmas Pikchur fur Me

No matter ur lijin/species--if  U sez Happy Catmas, Merry KrisMouse er Bark da Harold Angels-- Havs a gud one. 

Fanks Bestbluecat fur da smiles! MOL!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Paws Drive

Wow! Santa Paws Drive iz ober 100%. Look down der to rite side. Go ahead! See fir ursef!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Noo Stuff

Mom & me bofe haz arfritis & da owtsides haz been colder las' fyoo days. Cold makes us haz sore bones. Her hip bones haz be worse 2day. She wuz s'posed 2 go her ushual Caturday volunteering at parish prizun. Ai tried 2 get her up but she wuz eben late fur mai breffass.

Ai herd her talkin' 2 teh liddle rektankul w'er Poppa's voice comes outta. He wanted some turkey chilli.  Mom moved real slo to get N teh car 2 go get some greedyens fur turkey chilli. Ai tried 2 tell Pet Gurl (she Staid ober las' nite) Mom wuz leeving but Pet Gurl sleeps hard.

Poppa camed home & Ai try 2 tell him Mom wuz not well & gone fur greedyens. W'en Mom camed home, Poppa & pet gurl helped her. Gurl cleaned da chikun fur 2morra's meal. Mom got me a noo collar and a swetter to help wit' mai arfritis. Gurl put it on me. Ai looks so hansum. Gurl tried 2 put da swetter on me but Ai ball it up & play wit' it. It meks a gud yarn toy but Ai not gonna wer it.

Mom got me a noo toy wif a burd fedder & a bell on it. Gud ol' Mom. She's not feeling gud& still finking of me, Poppa & Pet Gurl.

Poppa gaved Mom a pill  that made her sleep. He made teh chilli. Ai help Mom bai sleeping nex 3 her fur warmz. Not gonna wear teh swetter doe.


Bob on Royal Blue and Re

 Ai claim dis

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jus' In Case

N case enybuddy nnerested AI liek Friskiest Turkey gravy flavor catfood n pink can. CHRISTMAS is coming. Ai'm jus' sayin '.>^..^<
    • Ai also liek catnip mouses. If u see Santa Claws put a bug in his ear fur me. THX!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bob's Special Feature: Torture Fair

Ai wuz not happy when las' month ebberbodee lef' me to go to place called "Stayed Fare." But Ai glad Ai not der! Look liek ebberbodee who go gets torture! Torture Ai NOT want!

Goggies N Antlers 

Wunnering: Do goggies liek wearing reindeer antler dis tiem ob yer or R dey jus' tollaratin'? Poor goggies. ~Bob >^..^<

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jingle Bob

Jingle Bells. Collar bells. Catnip's on teh waaaaaay
Santa Claws is bringing sum fur kittehs on his sleeeeigh!
Jingle Bells. Collar bells. Mousie's on teh run
B'cuz this is teh time ob yer w'en kitteh's all hav fuuuuun!

Friday, December 2, 2011