Saturday, December 10, 2011

Noo Stuff

Mom & me bofe haz arfritis & da owtsides haz been colder las' fyoo days. Cold makes us haz sore bones. Her hip bones haz be worse 2day. She wuz s'posed 2 go her ushual Caturday volunteering at parish prizun. Ai tried 2 get her up but she wuz eben late fur mai breffass.

Ai herd her talkin' 2 teh liddle rektankul w'er Poppa's voice comes outta. He wanted some turkey chilli.  Mom moved real slo to get N teh car 2 go get some greedyens fur turkey chilli. Ai tried 2 tell Pet Gurl (she Staid ober las' nite) Mom wuz leeving but Pet Gurl sleeps hard.

Poppa camed home & Ai try 2 tell him Mom wuz not well & gone fur greedyens. W'en Mom camed home, Poppa & pet gurl helped her. Gurl cleaned da chikun fur 2morra's meal. Mom got me a noo collar and a swetter to help wit' mai arfritis. Gurl put it on me. Ai looks so hansum. Gurl tried 2 put da swetter on me but Ai ball it up & play wit' it. It meks a gud yarn toy but Ai not gonna wer it.

Mom got me a noo toy wif a burd fedder & a bell on it. Gud ol' Mom. She's not feeling gud& still finking of me, Poppa & Pet Gurl.

Poppa gaved Mom a pill  that made her sleep. He made teh chilli. Ai help Mom bai sleeping nex 3 her fur warmz. Not gonna wear teh swetter doe.



  1. You have a very sweet and thoughtful family! That's great.

  2. I hope your mama is feeling better today. I am glad you got a new toy. As for the sweater- well I'd probably do the same thing.