Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mom is doing hevvy cleening up. Stuff's gittin' moved arown. Ai don't liek that! Teh udder day Ai wuz looking fur mai blanky at foot of Mom & Dad's bed. It wuz not there! Ai fownded it in teh fambly room! IT NOT BELONG DER! Ai sat on it enyway.

Der's stuff on teh cowch in mai cowch spot. Dat's why Ai'm diskumBOByulated!
O, yeh. We R missing Unca Greg. He went bak 2 Florda 2day. PET GURL IS NOT HEEEEEERE. Pet Gurl, you yooshally mek me feel betta. W'en you comin' home? The day RownHead Boy stayed wit us Ai stayed under bed fur a long time.


  1. I don't like it when Jen changes stuff around either, because it usually includes the use of that evil vacuum cleaner. *sigh*

    Happy New Year's Bob and family!

  2. Thanks, Rumpy! Happy New Year to you, too! Bob's worst enemy is a trash bag. We had all our carpet replaced with tile so we have no vacuum cleaners, but if you rattle a trash bag he runs for the hills!