Friday, December 16, 2011

Mai Fren Bestbluecat Made Catmas Pikchur fur Me

No matter ur lijin/species--if  U sez Happy Catmas, Merry KrisMouse er Bark da Harold Angels-- Havs a gud one. 

Fanks Bestbluecat fur da smiles! MOL!


  1. Well Bob, you look adorable!

    I signed your guest book but I'm not showing up yet. Maybe I will later. woo woo!!!

  2. After finding that friends have been contacting us about not showing up in the guestbook we've found that the company that makes the guestbook is closing so they have stopped taking in our guests' post. WAH! I'm gonna help Bob find another guest book so that everyone who wants to sign in can do so.

  3. Thanks, Rumpy! We had to make even more changes. The new one is not working out either. BTW, Bob and I love looking at your photos.