Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wen Moms Go Owt ov Town

Furs ov all, mai blog haz been owt ov order & taht haz ben buggin me. Seems liek Winston Wimphed iz onlee wun who cud post all hiz silliness wen Ai cudnt. Ai wuz so mad, Ai slap him wen Mom wuznt lookin.

Nex, mai Mom went sumplays called "Owt-ov-Town." Ai dnt kno wher taht iz but she wuz gone fur days. Poppa wuz heer fur a bit & we wached TV ez yoojul but tehn Poppa hadda leev & PetGurl camed 2 see me! Ai luv PetGurl! She iz gud staff & Wimphed iz skerred ov her. Affer a few days he camed owt ov hiding & mai PetGurl akshully petted his hed! Tehn he ated food & hided agin. Wat a doofus.

Onlee fing abot Mom being gone iz mai breffas wuz not on skedjul. Heers wat peepuls fink: Taht we cats dont keer wen tehy iz gone. We do. We dont liek 2 b in teh hows bai owrsefs eder. But you kin mek fings betta fur us wile u iz gone. Heers sum artikuls on the subjik:

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