Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. Tubbs iz Bak

Mr. Tubbs wuz in da bakyard. Poppa chase him away. Trying to put poopies in mai poopy spot. Dis iz not cool, Dood!
 Wunner if he knos w'er da frog choir iz. Ai misses Herman, Sherman & Thurman!

Cooler Daze

Poppa's been home fur longer. Yesterday he stayed wit me all day. W'at fun! Ai kins yooshally git moar snaks & go outside moar w'en Poppa's home bcuz he sits outside moar wit' da stinky stiks. Ai kin go in & out & in & out ober & ober. Then we kin watch all da CSI shows on da bed.

Da ayer iz gittin' cooler outside. It gits warmer in da appernoon & Ai liek da warmz but iz not az much warmz az a few daze ago. Herman, Sherman & Thurman are not in da li'l pool enny moar. Da pool iz turning greem & Ai dont heer dem sing moarnin or nite enny moar. Ai guess dey go find sumplace wit warmz bcuz dey haz no fur.

If da ayer gits enny cooler, it's not gud fur mai bones. Me, Mom & Poppa start heering our bones creak. Me, Mom & Gurl findz our blankies but Poppa duzint. He lieks da coolz.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Deelishus Legs & Favrit Toys

Heah in sowth Looweeziana we haz a bug dat will come in da hows when the reel rain comes. It is da palmetto bug. Dey slides unner da door 2 come inside w'en da reel rain iz outside. Dey look like dark jumbo cockroach. Hyoomins cant heer dem tryin' 2 get unner da door but cats can! So w'en da reel rain comes we cats sits bai da door waiting fur da fun!.

Palmetto bugs ar sech fun 4 playing!  U kin bat dem arown an fro dem in da air. Bite der wing a li'l bit so dey cant fly den choo off a leg & watch dem try to run in a circle. Da legs iz krunchee!

Warning. Moms do not liek palmetto bugs. Hide da pieces w'en ur doen playin' wif da bug cause he iz a big bug & moms will go "EEEEEEEWW!" real loud even if it's dead. Then they will put a strip of plastic on da doors to keep da palmettos from sneeking in.
Den if dey see u chooing a krunchee leg U will get no kisses fur a while. U will not be allowed 2 get ur face close 2 ur mom's fur a while.

Heers a pikchur:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sugar Babies

Picture of me on nice warm day is here: HERE

Mom wuz eating Sugar Babies las' nite. Ai thot Ai wanted 1. Mom tole me Ai dint want it but Ai silent-beg fur it. U kno how we kittehs do wif da silent beg: We looks & looks& & looks & looks & sniffs & sniffs tryin' 2 smell & looks& & looks & looks & sniffs. Mom sez, "Bob, Ai  tell U dood, U dont wanna eat deez. Cats dont eat Sugar Babies! Dey has no meat!"

So I looks & looks& & looks & looks & sniffs & sniffs tryin' 2 smell & looks& & looks & looks & sniffs.

Mom gimme 1. YAY!  Ai sniff it reel close. Ew!

Ai roll it arown a bit. It rolls. Cud be fun later?

HoHum. Boring. Not delishus. No meat.

Lessin lernt: Cats do not eats Sugar Babies.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I put an artikul on Twitter about caring for older cats.  I found anudder one. Clik HERE  to read it.

Iz gittin' cooool outside. My Poppa took me out but Ai cudnt stay out der too long bcuz the wind was blowing froo mai fur. It got warmer later in tha day. Ai dont heer Herman, Sherman and Therman singing outside. Maybe they keeping warm someplace cuz dey haz no fur. Ai'm going outside to looke fur dem.

But first Ai wanna say, if you gotta ol' cat like me in ur hows, remember we dont like cold drafts. It hurts our bones. Sometiems when Mom turns on the ceiling fan Ai go to da bak room where ders no fan on.

Going now to look fur Herman.