Monday, October 17, 2011

Deelishus Legs & Favrit Toys

Heah in sowth Looweeziana we haz a bug dat will come in da hows when the reel rain comes. It is da palmetto bug. Dey slides unner da door 2 come inside w'en da reel rain iz outside. Dey look like dark jumbo cockroach. Hyoomins cant heer dem tryin' 2 get unner da door but cats can! So w'en da reel rain comes we cats sits bai da door waiting fur da fun!.

Palmetto bugs ar sech fun 4 playing!  U kin bat dem arown an fro dem in da air. Bite der wing a li'l bit so dey cant fly den choo off a leg & watch dem try to run in a circle. Da legs iz krunchee!

Warning. Moms do not liek palmetto bugs. Hide da pieces w'en ur doen playin' wif da bug cause he iz a big bug & moms will go "EEEEEEEWW!" real loud even if it's dead. Then they will put a strip of plastic on da doors to keep da palmettos from sneeking in.
Den if dey see u chooing a krunchee leg U will get no kisses fur a while. U will not be allowed 2 get ur face close 2 ur mom's fur a while.

Heers a pikchur:

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  1. Jen used to live in Looweeziana many moons ago and she says them Palmetto Bugs is no joke! It's a good thing you're there to keep them out!