Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hurry! CAAWS has Pets Fur $12

Fur teh Crispmouse seezin CAAWS (Captiol Area Animal Welfare Society) is lettin' the anipals git abopted fur jus' $12 each! Git it? 12th monf = $12. Heh, heh. AI liek how tehy do taht.

So go to Progress Road neer teh Baton Rouge Metro Airport and give a kitteh or goggie or bofe a 4ever home. Heer's teh web site:

~Bob (NOT Winston but this is where Mom got him)

Um Awarded!

Wall, Ai gots a surprise & Ai am so onnered! Ai got a ward frum Cuddly Friends fur mai blog! Yoo kin see heer at tihs link:

Wall, Winston, Whut haz u 2 say abot taht!?

Ez long ez we haz older kittehs gitting 4ever homes---iz ALL gud. Eben fur putting up wiht big hed orange cats!

Fank you, Cuddly Friends!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mom! Ur awaked!

Taht meens u shud be tryin 2 git me a snak, rite? O, BTW, if Winston terns up wif broked legs, iz bcuz
(wun) he ated owt ov mai bowl agin &
(too) he rited on mai blog &
(free) his big face iz 2 close 2 mai face

~Luv Bob

Sunday, December 9, 2012


AIEEEE!!! Ah has a Tweeta nah, boos. Y'all kin come!   A tout a l'heure (See ya lata)!
Oh, yeah. Look fur @WinstonHenryM and #WinstonHenry

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ehhhhh, La Bas, Chers!

Dis be Winston sneekin' up, Chers on Mista Bob's blog. Heh, heh! Ah noes Ah gits on Bob's nuhvs sumtiem, Chers. He not liek mah face, mah Cajun meow aksent he say Ah gots me an' he not liek mah apputteet--mais Ah be hungry so much, yeah! Ah figgas if Ah goes 2 da kichen ever tiem Mom or Poppa goes in der, Ah'm bound 2 git a treet, yeah! Mebbe dey drops sum'n or Ah giv'em da sweet eye fur mebbe dey giv me sum'n. Mais dat's a chance Ah gotta take an' ez we say don hea in Sowth Loosianna BON CHANCE!

Mom try 2 keep us apart pour dejeuner, mais Bob be hangin' wif Poppa w'en Poppa home. Tehy wach dem criminal shows on the tv.  Ah stiks wit Mom, yeah.

Wall, Ah heers Mista Bob comin'. Gotta run, mes amis!

Oh, BTW, Urnge cats rool, yeah! Aaaiiee!