Friday, April 20, 2012

Prowd ov Maisef. Gotta SANG!!

Ov cors Ai am prowd 2B TEH CAT. Cats & sum goggies kin do grate fings eben wit' no fumbs. But 2day Ai am prowd 2B member of ASPCA wit' mai own card N all! Ai reeely got sumpn N teh brokundown mailbox besides a card frum teh vet sayin' "Iz tiem fur BobButtons 2 git hiz cat butt probed!"

 Wif taht sed, Ai gotta sing!

Lubbly Day 
(apolllygees 2 Bill Withers)
W'en mai Poppa, Mom, PetGurl & me
Mek a fam'ly w'at iz whole.
W'en Ai wekkup n the moarnin & 
Tehr iz cat food n mai bowl
Tehn Ai look owtsides
An' teh birds iz chirp-chirping
Skwurls iz runnin' rown
An' Ai kno iz gonna be
A lubbly daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
A lubbly daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We R Fammerlee
All mai frenz we R talkin' 2gedder when we git online;
Kitteh's, goggies & eben a turtle--we talk all teh tiem!
All teh peepul look @ us & say, "Kin tehy B taht close?
Anipals being 'burds-of-a-fedder?"
W'at we say 2 tohse is:
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"

W'en we see anipals taht R homeless, we tell ebbrywun.
Sumtiem we just lif' up eech udder & hav sum fun.
All ov teh peepuls look at us & say, "We shud help 'em owt
So no annimals hurt & they git homes!"
Tehn wit' us tehy shout:
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"
"We R Fammerlee! Kittehs, goggies, burdees & ME!"

Aint Wurried
[Whistles] Ain't wurried. [Whistles]
Ai'm happy. [Whistles]
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy, meow.

Heer's a li'l song Ai rote
U mite wanna howl it note fur note
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

Got a place frum w'er Ai dont roam
Got maisef a 4ever home
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

Got me a blanky fur m'naptiem wurl
W'en Ai needs a brush Ai got a good PetGurl
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy.

[Whistles] Ain't wurried. [whisltes]
Ai'm happy. [Whistles]
Ain't wurried. 
Ai'm happy, meow.

(c) Mr. BobButtons. Fank yew. Fank yew berry much.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nobuddy's Heeer But the CAT!

Mom is still coffing a bit & STILL WORKING!!  She should reeely be staying home wit---who? ME! B'cuz? AI'M TEH CAT! Ai'm kree-atin' a mew cat law: "No matta what--if u coff or sneeze u gotta stay home of the cat sez!"

Poppa went wit her on CATurday & tehy wuz bofe TYRED & gud 4 nuttin' w'en tehy camed home. Mom dint git bak up all teh rest ov teh day!  Poppa gived me AND her some food!

 Ai thot Ai'd mek her jellus bai stikking close 2 Poppa. But taht dint wurk. Poppa got tyred ov me givving him teh hed bonks & beggin' fur chin wubs & Mom jus' snored liek a choochoo.

PetGurl camed 2 see me. Ai kno Ai haz sed it B4 but Ai luvs me sum PetGurl! She wanted me 2 smell ov teh skrawbberries, tho. Ai read her book w'en Ai saw her tek owt eh spray fur putting on mai fur. Ai'm not havin' taht so Ai runned down teh hall.

Mom camed home so late las' nite taht the sun had ternd off B4 she got home. Ai tell you, Ai'm getting tyred ov  tihs  stuff! Wa't gu iz it 2B TEH CAT if no staff is arown!??!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Mai mom iz SO bizzy lately & Ai dont fink she's feelin' too gud. Poppa staye dhome moar las' week which iz gud fur me b'cuz we goes owtsides lots. Ennyway, Ai took it EZ on Mom this moarnin' & didn't mek her git mai breffas till 6AM raffer tehn 5AM. Tried 2 sugges' she git bak N bed but it dint wurk. O, well, moar room n teh bed fur me 2day!

Been riting berry short cat songs fur frens on Twitter. Gonna rite longer wuns lata.  Ai'm of fur moarnin' nap! Lata! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, April 6, 2012

Toys! W'at's Ur Favrits?

. Mom haz her net book. Poppa haz teh TV. I liek  a gud toy! Ai has lotsa catnip mices & a squeeky fish wit fedders. Mai grammy & Aunt Gayle sented me a 'lectronic mouse. Ai name him Herkalees.

Kin all my anipals & hyoomin pals post tehir favrit toy below? Kyooris cat minds wanna kno. Fanks!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wun, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha! Mebbe Goggie at Mai hows? W'ah?

Iz not hot owt but teh reeel rains haz stopped. Poppa camed home and opened kitchen door and patio door. Wall, az Mom sez, "That's teh hand Ai fan wif!" Ai has paws but enyway teh breeze wuz byootiful & Ai cud go in & out & in & out & in & out & in &, etc. all Ai want all bai maiself! Poppa calls it teh kitteh Cha-cha.

Ai wanna fank mai fren Rumpy fer his support & insprashun fer dis blog. He's teh best goggie Ai know. Ai heerd Ai usta hav a cuzin goggie named Gumbo but he wuz re-abopted. Poppa wud come home from Kennr & Ai cud smell Gumbo on him. Poppa sez Ai has gurl cuzin yorkies in Flor'da. But Poppa says they are sissy goggies cuz they too little fur his tays & wun of them yaps and dont bark. Enyways, Ai'm konvinsed big goggies hav bigger hearts & moar love 2 give.

Mom sez Poppa is looking fer lab puppy but he betta be home moar fur it b'cuz Poppa goes outta town lots & neder me nor Mom has tiem fur training a mew dog bai owrselves. On sekun fot, Ai'm not berry Xsited abot tihs proposishun b'cuz AI OWN TIHS PLACE! Ai'm TEH CAT!