Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nobuddy's Heeer But the CAT!

Mom is still coffing a bit & STILL WORKING!!  She should reeely be staying home wit---who? ME! B'cuz? AI'M TEH CAT! Ai'm kree-atin' a mew cat law: "No matta what--if u coff or sneeze u gotta stay home of the cat sez!"

Poppa went wit her on CATurday & tehy wuz bofe TYRED & gud 4 nuttin' w'en tehy camed home. Mom dint git bak up all teh rest ov teh day!  Poppa gived me AND her some food!

 Ai thot Ai'd mek her jellus bai stikking close 2 Poppa. But taht dint wurk. Poppa got tyred ov me givving him teh hed bonks & beggin' fur chin wubs & Mom jus' snored liek a choochoo.

PetGurl camed 2 see me. Ai kno Ai haz sed it B4 but Ai luvs me sum PetGurl! She wanted me 2 smell ov teh skrawbberries, tho. Ai read her book w'en Ai saw her tek owt eh spray fur putting on mai fur. Ai'm not havin' taht so Ai runned down teh hall.

Mom camed home so late las' nite taht the sun had ternd off B4 she got home. Ai tell you, Ai'm getting tyred ov  tihs  stuff! Wa't gu iz it 2B TEH CAT if no staff is arown!??!


  1. What kinda spray was Pet Girl trying to put on you Bob? I hope it's not flea stuff because that could be dangerous for older kitties.

    I'm sorry your mama is so tired, and trust me, I know the feeling well *sigh*

  2. Nah, it was a brush in cat shampoo. PetGurl thought it Bob had been sprayed again by Stubby K, but it was actually Bob's litter box that needed dumping. Since she couldn't find his brush she thought she could get away with spraying it directly on him. Not a chance!

    Bob sends a South Louisiana "Hey!" to his friend Rumpy.