Friday, April 6, 2012

Toys! W'at's Ur Favrits?

. Mom haz her net book. Poppa haz teh TV. I liek  a gud toy! Ai has lotsa catnip mices & a squeeky fish wit fedders. Mai grammy & Aunt Gayle sented me a 'lectronic mouse. Ai name him Herkalees.

Kin all my anipals & hyoomin pals post tehir favrit toy below? Kyooris cat minds wanna kno. Fanks!


  1. Squeaky toys are the best! Woooo,


  2. Bob's SO in agreement about squeaky toys. The ultimate is to include a feather or two in the mix for the absolute best mixture. I think he has allusions of grandeur and pretends he has actually caught a real bird--one of the jays that pester him--in the backyard.