Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wun, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha! Mebbe Goggie at Mai hows? W'ah?

Iz not hot owt but teh reeel rains haz stopped. Poppa camed home and opened kitchen door and patio door. Wall, az Mom sez, "That's teh hand Ai fan wif!" Ai has paws but enyway teh breeze wuz byootiful & Ai cud go in & out & in & out & in & out & in &, etc. all Ai want all bai maiself! Poppa calls it teh kitteh Cha-cha.

Ai wanna fank mai fren Rumpy fer his support & insprashun fer dis blog. He's teh best goggie Ai know. Ai heerd Ai usta hav a cuzin goggie named Gumbo but he wuz re-abopted. Poppa wud come home from Kennr & Ai cud smell Gumbo on him. Poppa sez Ai has gurl cuzin yorkies in Flor'da. But Poppa says they are sissy goggies cuz they too little fur his tays & wun of them yaps and dont bark. Enyways, Ai'm konvinsed big goggies hav bigger hearts & moar love 2 give.

Mom sez Poppa is looking fer lab puppy but he betta be home moar fur it b'cuz Poppa goes outta town lots & neder me nor Mom has tiem fur training a mew dog bai owrselves. On sekun fot, Ai'm not berry Xsited abot tihs proposishun b'cuz AI OWN TIHS PLACE! Ai'm TEH CAT!


  1. maybe Mom and Poppa can compromise and rescue an older dog. A rescue organization might have a dog that's used to cats, AND the dog would already be house trained! Of course there would be the problem of convincing you that's a good idea..... *looks around*

  2. That's a great idea, Rumpy! Poppa only wants to go to a shelter for a dog anyway and we have a church member who works at one and is on the lookout for our perfect "goggie" match.