Saturday, July 1, 2017


Wall, Ah haz ben berry bizzy, mes amis. Ah still dont liek to eat bai wher mai brofur Bob's eatin' place yoosta be but Ah DO wanna eat. Ah luvs mah food 'cuz Ah am a TROO sowt Loosyanna cat!

Mom took me bak 2 da vet. Ah dont no wut dey wuz lookin for. Ah jus kno Ah dont liek dem lookin' at ME! Ah try to tell Mom dat Ah kin walk dis way an' git arown so dont wurry. Da tesses sho no dyebeeties, no fyroid, an no FLV--nun o' dat! So dey tell Mom to do sumting else. Two deys lata, Ah bak in da carrier, bak in da car an' der iz a li'l peeple in da car. When she gone, me Mom and Mawmaw goes on a long trip across town.
Mom sez we's at LSU Vet'rinary Skool. New peepuls iz skerry to me but new peeples is wachin me an' tuchin' me.

Den Mom tookted me home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doing Betta

Ah tried to git Mom to bring dry cat food to da sofa and to the bed. But she made me git off the bed et walk to da kitchen. Ah am walkin' betta--back on mah toes but Ah pertend liek Ah don't know what she meen. She pick me up off da sofa et made me go to da kitchen. So Ah has stop axing fur brefass in bed.😸
Still not goin' outside much. Went owt un tiem wiff Mom fur 5 minits et anudder tiem wiff Papa fur 5 minits.
Mom sez da vet ain't called wiff t'yrod tesses rezuts yet so she gon' call demain.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Slow Dez

Bonjour, y'all!
Ah am walkin' betta. Got up on the sofa and the bed wif Mom & Papa wiffowt no help. AIEE! Mom, she brun me sum dry foo on a nappin. Ooowee dat tess so gud!
Me & Mom went owtside fah 5 meenoots! Dats awl Ah cud tek, chers. Gotta sev mah enjee fur dinnatime & breffasstiem. What choo know? Heh heh.
Rat nah, Ah stays lotta time unna de footaw in da back bedroom where it dawk & quiet. Ah comes owt fur food and spendin' a couple hours wiff Papa in daytiem & Mom at nightime.
Ah haz no brofur fur tellin' me wat to do. Ah misses mah brofur Bob. Ah knowd he was hurtin' but still, Ah wishes he cudda stayed aron fur a little mo tiem.
Wall, Ah needs anudder nap befo Ah git Papa up fur sum dry food.
Talk to y'all lata, mes amis.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bob's Home

Bob was busy sun puddle bathing and bossing Winston Henry around so he didn't take much time to blog. Occasionally he would decide to post a short statement on his Facebook status and share pictures and funny videos in his fan club group on Facebook and Instagram.

In the last few years his kidneys had been slowing - something that happens to older cats as a result of the high protein food cats crave. He'd been living pretty well with this condition. Last month he had a flair up with low potassium and was on more meds for it.
On last week, I was out of town on family business. On the day PetGurl and I returned, my husband (AKA Papa) texted be to say Bob had passed. Instead of eating breakfast, he wanted to go out into the backyard. Winston followed him. He went to rest in the grass and did not wake up. Winston was upset and ran off past the back fence for three days. He returned with a limp and an abscess on his right hip still whining for his brofur. He's seen the vet and doing somewhat better.

Bob was my first adult pet adoption and my husband's first cat. They were good for each other as Bob was afraid of men's voices and my husband is a Vietnam vet with PTSD. Bob learned that not all human men will yell at him and Papa learned that although cats are different from dogs, that is not necessarily a bad thing. They grew closer after we adopted Winston. Bob would sit close to his Papa and and receive head and neck rubs as they watched TV together. They helped to lower each other's blood pressure.

This blog will continue to stay open with Winston taking the helm in Bob's memory-- just as Bob's favorite "Goggy" advocate Rummpy Drummond's brofurs did for him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summa Pains

Teh summa haz ben mixd up fur me. Teh start had me frowing up moar. Ai haz sum speshul food whut Ai duz not liek. Mom got teh nuggets kine but Ai duznt liek taht so much needer. So Ai tries 2 sneek Wimphead's fude. Ai kin jis glare at him & he will moov, cuz Ai am FURS CAT!!!

 Mom & Poppa cot on 2 taht trik & started feeding him at a diffurnt tiem Or, in teh case of Mom, who haz moar payshins, stand rite tehre & wach me eat mai noms.But when Wimphead moovs Ai eat his fude enyways. Mom haz started mixing medicine fude wiht teh reglar stuff so Ai will eet moor ov it.
Ai also has mai arfritis aking up moar so Ai haz to keep mai bones warm on Poppa or on teh catio cement. Sumtiems in mai favrit lawn cher next 2 Poppa's. Poppa iz teh only wun in teh hows who lieks a cold, cold hows.

Well, Ai haz 2 go nak owtsides now fur warming mai bones. Ow! Mai lef shoulder hurts!

~Emperor Bob

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kittehs & Eeser Lillies

Iz teh tiem ov yeer fur Eeser lillies. Tehy iz dangermous fur pets, gibbing goggies tummy prollems but tehy iz far moar deddly fur cats. Reed tihs artakul: