Monday, June 12, 2017

Slow Dez

Bonjour, y'all!
Ah am walkin' betta. Got up on the sofa and the bed wif Mom & Papa wiffowt no help. AIEE! Mom, she brun me sum dry foo on a nappin. Ooowee dat tess so gud!
Me & Mom went owtside fah 5 meenoots! Dats awl Ah cud tek, chers. Gotta sev mah enjee fur dinnatime & breffasstiem. What choo know? Heh heh.
Rat nah, Ah stays lotta time unna de footaw in da back bedroom where it dawk & quiet. Ah comes owt fur food and spendin' a couple hours wiff Papa in daytiem & Mom at nightime.
Ah haz no brofur fur tellin' me wat to do. Ah misses mah brofur Bob. Ah knowd he was hurtin' but still, Ah wishes he cudda stayed aron fur a little mo tiem.
Wall, Ah needs anudder nap befo Ah git Papa up fur sum dry food.
Talk to y'all lata, mes amis.

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