Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doing Betta

Ah tried to git Mom to bring dry cat food to da sofa and to the bed. But she made me git off the bed et walk to da kitchen. Ah am walkin' betta--back on mah toes but Ah pertend liek Ah don't know what she meen. She pick me up off da sofa et made me go to da kitchen. So Ah has stop axing fur brefass in bed.😸
Still not goin' outside much. Went owt un tiem wiff Mom fur 5 minits et anudder tiem wiff Papa fur 5 minits.
Mom sez da vet ain't called wiff t'yrod tesses rezuts yet so she gon' call demain.


  1. Oh Bob - glad you're getting around a bit better. Purraying your tests give some clues.

    1. Thank you. Actually Bob passed on June 4. His brofur Winston has taken over his blog. Win ran away and was gone for 3 days after witnessing Bob's death from kidney failure. When he returned he was wet, muddy, with a wound on his right hip and a decided hobble in both hind legs.