Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bob's Home

Bob was busy sun puddle bathing and bossing Winston Henry around so he didn't take much time to blog. Occasionally he would decide to post a short statement on his Facebook status and share pictures and funny videos in his fan club group on Facebook and Instagram.

In the last few years his kidneys had been slowing - something that happens to older cats as a result of the high protein food cats crave. He'd been living pretty well with this condition. Last month he had a flair up with low potassium and was on more meds for it.
On last week, I was out of town on family business. On the day PetGurl and I returned, my husband (AKA Papa) texted be to say Bob had passed. Instead of eating breakfast, he wanted to go out into the backyard. Winston followed him. He went to rest in the grass and did not wake up. Winston was upset and ran off past the back fence for three days. He returned with a limp and an abscess on his right hip still whining for his brofur. He's seen the vet and doing somewhat better.

Bob was my first adult pet adoption and my husband's first cat. They were good for each other as Bob was afraid of men's voices and my husband is a Vietnam vet with PTSD. Bob learned that not all human men will yell at him and Papa learned that although cats are different from dogs, that is not necessarily a bad thing. They grew closer after we adopted Winston. Bob would sit close to his Papa and and receive head and neck rubs as they watched TV together. They helped to lower each other's blood pressure.

This blog will continue to stay open with Winston taking the helm in Bob's memory-- just as Bob's favorite "Goggy" advocate Rummpy Drummond's brofurs did for him.