Saturday, July 1, 2017


Wall, Ah haz ben berry bizzy, mes amis. Ah still dont liek to eat bai wher mai brofur Bob's eatin' place yoosta be but Ah DO wanna eat. Ah luvs mah food 'cuz Ah am a TROO sowt Loosyanna cat!

Mom took me bak 2 da vet. Ah dont no wut dey wuz lookin for. Ah jus kno Ah dont liek dem lookin' at ME! Ah try to tell Mom dat Ah kin walk dis way an' git arown so dont wurry. Da tesses sho no dyebeeties, no fyroid, an no FLV--nun o' dat! So dey tell Mom to do sumting else. Two deys lata, Ah bak in da carrier, bak in da car an' der iz a li'l peeple in da car. When she gone, me Mom and Mawmaw goes on a long trip across town.
Mom sez we's at LSU Vet'rinary Skool. New peepuls iz skerry to me but new peeples is wachin me an' tuchin' me.

Den Mom tookted me home.

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  1. Oh, sweetie, Mom just wants you to feel better. She knows you are still missing Bob ! She is too !