Monday, July 23, 2018


Ah noes Ah hasnt posted in a wile, mes amis. Lotsa stuff been goin' on wat meks me berry noibus. Fur wun fing, dey has a goggie 'rown here. Him stays in his plays in da hows an' Ah stays in mine.
Mom brunged mai bowl to da hall where goggie cant go an' we haz a fence in da end of the hall where him no can go.

Ah dont liek him. Him was bowt mai size lass yeer. Mom brunged him is mai pet carrier--tha wun dey teks me to da vet wiff.  Now him cant fit in it but his bed is in a big cage in fambly room.

Wors fing dat happn to me was errybody wuz gone fur a wile. Gran'ma an' little girl camed to feed me an' pet mai hed. Mai mom was sick fur long tiem an went away. A few tiems PetGurl camed but mostly her was gone, too! Ah missed mai fambly!! At leest dat horribul goggie wuz not heer!

Mai Papa camed home in April. Mom comes ebbry day wiff a cover fing on her face.  Ai had Papa to maise'f  ebbry day. No goggie! Yay! But a few weeks mai mom brot silly goggie home. Him is crazy! Ah haz to show him who iz boss alla tiem. Papa duznt let him come to mai part of hows.

Wall, dat's all Ai has to say fur now.

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  1. Oh Mr Bob, we are sorry to hear things have been so unsettled for you ! It is good to hear from you again, and hopefully your Mom will get better and things will settle down ! Purrayers & POTP for you.