Sunday, October 2, 2011


I put an artikul on Twitter about caring for older cats.  I found anudder one. Clik HERE  to read it.

Iz gittin' cooool outside. My Poppa took me out but Ai cudnt stay out der too long bcuz the wind was blowing froo mai fur. It got warmer later in tha day. Ai dont heer Herman, Sherman and Therman singing outside. Maybe they keeping warm someplace cuz dey haz no fur. Ai'm going outside to looke fur dem.

But first Ai wanna say, if you gotta ol' cat like me in ur hows, remember we dont like cold drafts. It hurts our bones. Sometiems when Mom turns on the ceiling fan Ai go to da bak room where ders no fan on.

Going now to look fur Herman.


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