Monday, September 19, 2011

WLF and Morris's Calendar

Ai joined his payj on FaceBook. Morris da Cat is making a calendar & Ai sent mai pikchur. Mai best pikchur, wit' me on da good couch. Ai'm t'inking he telling me in a nice way ders no int'rest in mai pikchur for da calendar.He gave some udder cats his email and tol' thm to send their pikchurs to his assistant. Poof! Him a fancy er sumn' wit an assistant?

Dat's OK, now b'cuz Ai take a deep breff and enjoy mai gurl being home. We hav fun hangin' out. She git on her pad an' let's me play & Ai sits in mai fish cher & watch her movies. Den Ai haz to check da front winder to make sher da mail carry person dont steal da mailbox or da garbage can. Dat is one of mai jobs. Da hyoomins t'ink Ai am sleeping in da front winder. But --well, OK sumtiems Ai take a nap der but-- Ai really haz to keep a eye out.

A few tiems Ai haz to chekd bakyard feur evil skwurls and poop. Ai haz desided iz best to poop outside in da hallow spot. Dat helps keep da evil skwurls away.

W'en mom got home, Ai aksed her agin abot chekin' mai Twitter account. To our surprise Ai was accepted n2 da #WLF which is da Whiskers Liberation Front. Dey had mai nifty beret ready. Ai was happy. All mai anipals were sending me congrats and salutes!

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