Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winston: MIA

Poppa goes owtsides at nite wif his stinky smoke stiks & sumtiems he wakes up N the middle of teh nite. Ai goes owt wif him. Teh udder nite, abot midnite, Winston deesided 2 obercome his feer ov owtsides & go wif us. Yooshally he onlee goes owt wif Mom & he still aks kinda skerry ov Poppa. So when Poppa wuz dun wif the stinky stik he sed, :"Let's go in!" So Ai come in but Winston did not. He onlee comes fur Mom. Poppa couldn't get him so he closed teh door & fot Winston wud come skraching on the catio door lata.

At breffass, Poppa askd Mom if Winston camed 2 teh door & he tole her w'at happund. Mom sed, "WHAT!? U shudda woke me up 2 all him just tehn Bcuz he will come fur me! He's still a little afrayd of you."
Mom called and called. She & Poppa lukd unner teh cars, honked car horns 2 sker him owt. Ai went wif Mom 2 teh owtskirts of teh bakyard 2 look unner teh brambles & bushes bak tehre. Poppa hadda leev yessirday affernoon.

Owr fren Rumpy sugjes Mom leev owt his food & litta box so PetGurl put owt teh food yessirday. Ai hadda eat a bit of it 2 mek sher it tays gud fur him. Tehn Mom put owt teh litta box. Ai'm not tuching taht.

Ai hope he comes home soon. We wuz gittin' 2 be gud bros. He' s kinda shy & skerred ov stuff, so he stays close 2 Mom. Taht part gits on mai nurvs. But he plays a gud game of catnip mows soccer wif me & he knos sum gud jokes. Yah,ww wuz gettin' closer. Mom sez he haz a chip so she or PetGurl will call teh shelter 2day.

Liftin u up 2 Ceiling Cat. Winston, w'ever u R, Bro, come home!


  1. Oh Dog! Please come home Winston!

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