Saturday, June 30, 2012

N Mom's Face

Hi. It's me, Winston Henry again. Thot Ai'd tek a few minits w'ile Bob is napping in teh bedroom 2 say a few fings.  
Firs' fing is, Ai fink iz grate fur peepuls to tek home pets taht R not babies. Ai wuz not sher w'at dees peepul wantd wit me at firs' but now Ai kno tihs is mai home.

Mr. Bob knos tihs is mai home too eben toh he is teh boss.  Ai haz mai own bowls & mai own litta poopy box. We kin share Mom's lap but Ai mus' git in her face & stay close Bcos Ai not want her lost. Ai mus kno wher she iz at all tiems. 
Here is pic of me & Mom. She is trying to do sumpn' & bAi haz 2 chek it owt bai gittin ' N her face & mekin' sher she sees me firs'.

Uh-oh. Mr. Bob is waking up. Gotta run.


P. S. Neber go owtsides bai urself. U mite git los' & taht is berry skerry. It happun 2 me!


  1. Must be a ginger cat thing.... June Buggie does that too!

  2. HaHa! Perhaps that is it. Bob is so independent--except for things he cannot do without thumbs. Winston is a gigantic, 4-pounds-heavier-than-Bob baby. He doesn't mind snuggling and cuddling--no matter what I'm doing.