Friday, March 22, 2013

Ahhhh! PetGurl!!

When Mom camed home yessirday, Ai wuz glad to see her but better tahn taht wuz mai PetGurl camed in behine her!

 PetGurl! PetGurl! Ai lvs mai PetGurl! She is so sweet! Ai let's her pick me up. Nobody kin pick me up liek PetGurl!

We go to a room where only PetGurl open teh door and Ai kin nap on PetGurl laundry and git PetGurl hed rubs and PetGurl chin rubs. PetGurl givs me moar food in mai bowl. Ai git so full of cat food, cat treetz and cat rubs when PetGurl iz arown. If Ai wanna go owtsides & come bak insides in 5 minutes, PetGurl will lemme and PetGurl will watch teh door fur me and sit owtsides fur me!

Winston goes to hide wehn PetGurl is arown. She iz still a stranger to him. Taht is anudder plus fur having MAI PETGURL come to see me!


1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh...... Bob is sweet on PetGurl!!! *snicker*