Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh, Mais Non!

Oh, mes chers! Ah haz sum advise pour vous! If you mom come home rite affer woik in a rush wit PetGurl, do not trus' da cuddles & da treets you kno you not sposed to hav in da middle of da day. It's a double team to git you in da cat carrier to go to da (oh, mon dieu) VET!!!

Dat's wat happen to me yesstadey! Once dey gots me in dat carrier an' put it in da car---IN DA CAR--Dat is skerry place cher! Ah knowed we waz off to dat pless wat smell ov goggies skrange peepuls duz tings to you! Dis cheer waz da woise caws der waz lotsa goggies der barkin' an wut not. Musta been 1,000 million goggies der yesstadey.

Den woise ov woise dey stikted me! DEY STIKTED ME! Ah sey dat iz not call fah! Ah not talk to Mom all teh wey home. Mais you knowed me: soon Ah furgivved mai mom b'cuz she gots da bes' lap wit da bes' chin rubs. Aaaaaaaaah. She gots so much warmz.

BUT Ah will not fall fah dat trick agin! Fa sho!


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