Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jus' Sayin'

Ai haz had sumfin' 2 say, but mostly fur fussin' at Brofur Winston. Taht big ornage furball eats ebberfing! Poppa fusses at him b'cuz when he iz dun wit his food he eats mine! Ai'm teh wun who gits Mom up fur brefass & he dus nuffin but wayt fur me. Tehn he runs in front to teh kitchen! Mom haz 2 seprate owr bowls & stand between us.

Winston haz been playing wif stuff, too. He runs up & down the halls liek a idiot! Mon finks it iz kyoot but Ai do NOT! Poppa sez he is crazy & Ai agree. Poppa & Ai find it hard 2 wach Law & Order wif all taht bumpin' arown. A few tiems Ai had 2 tap him up side teh hed fur running into me. STOP! Ai say and pop him wun. Mom sez dont fite ur brofur but when she's not looking, Poppa tells me 2 hit him. Me & Poppa unnerstan eech udder so well--speshly when it comes 2 taht nuckle hed Winston.

Mom haz been going fur long days and she goes 2 sleep when she comes home. Tehn Big Ornage hed  jumps on her lap.

Wall, Ai will be back. Ai haz been missing teh netbook. Mom sez it dyeded. Ai cant git used 2 teh mew laptop. Iz so big. Iz good fur playing FArmville, tho. See ya 'rown. Gonna go play rite now!

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