Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Restin' EZer Toosday

Sumpn's going on wit mai peepuls. PetGurl wuz s'posed 2 come brush mai fur days ago. Las' weekend Mom & Poppa camed home 2 go 2 sleep affer teh sun wuz turnd off. Mom wuz not feeling gud & sleeped affer being gone all Caturday. Poppa dint git 2 tek me owtsides till the sun was almos' turnd off.

Teh nex' day wuz Sunnyday so Ai always xpecks tehm 2 leevs me fur church but it wuz speshul Sunnyday fur Mudders' Day & ebberbodee, incloodin rownhead boy, PetGurl and Grategrandma went sumplays speshul 2 eat. Ai DO NOT unnerstan speshul plays 2 eat not being home wif ur own bowls on ur own mat bai teh frig. Why u havs 2 go sumplays else?

Yessirday, Poppa stayed wf me fur a bit of teh day. Mai peepuls wuz gone until the sun wuz turnd off agin. Wall, tihs moarning they R heer & alfo Mom will be gone in a few, Ai kno Poppa will stay fur a while. Ai will B heer on mai blankee at foot of teh bed having gud naps.


  1. I think you need to have a party!

  2. I think Bob took your advice, Rumpy. I came home to dry cat food scattered over my kitchen floor.