Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Mai Mom & Poppa R gonna do another Kairos Prizzin Min'stry. Taht meeens they will b gone ebber Caturday fur meetings until on wun ov tohse weekends tehy will be gone fur abot 4 days, sumtiem N June, 2 go visit teh men in prizzin.. Taht's teh way it yooshully goes . Tehy havunt dun wun fur a while but they hav been doing uddder t'ings. Ai fink Ai herd Poppa say tihs will B teh only wun tihs yeer. Mom haz been way too bizzy at work & affer wurk 2 do moar tahn wun eben if tehy had moar tahn wun tihs all she cud do.
Ai hate waiting fur tehm 2 come home but it also meens Ai will see moar of PetGurl! 

Ennyway, Mom sez, udder peepuls cud help. Liek, tihs next Caturday, tehy cud volunteer 2B on the team wit' her & Poppa. Tihs is teh cut-off Caturday fur joining teh teeem. All peepuls haz 2 do is go ober to Furst Mewnited Mefodist Church (930 N. Blvd., Baton Rouge) fur 8:30 in teh moarnin' & fillout a paper & sit down so eberbody kin welcome U & U git sum exer-sizes taht help U wit what 2 do. 

Mom sez, if u can't come 2 teh meetin's u kin still help frum wherever u are liek by helping wit' cookies, prayer and agape taht u kin find at this link:  U kin mail homebaked cookies & handdrawn place mats 2 "Kairos Angola" at teh address abuv R 2 Kairos Angola where Mom & Poppa worship c/o Mt. Pilgrim MBC, 9700 Scenic Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70807.

My favrit R Mom's cartoon videos, but tehre iz anudder video teher w'at shows waht gud mai Mom, Poppa & all tehre frens do fur teh guys in teh prizzin.

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  1. I hope lots of people help! Remember, it's those we shun that need to see God's love the most!