Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Lunches

Mom feeds me big breffass affer Ai wakes her at 5am. Ai know iz 5am b'cuz stommik clok sez so. All cats haz stommik clok. Berry powerful tool. Sumtiem it sez, "We kinnot wayt fur 5am. Git Mom up at 4:30. Mebbe 4am. Let's EAT!" But mosely iz 5am.

Mom haz been moving stuff frum her skoolz. Poppa haz been staying home frum work. W'en Poppa is heer wiffowt Mom, Ai gits X-tra meel. Heheh.

Wall, heer's teh rub. Mom camed home urly fur bring home stuff frum skool & cot Poppa givvin me lunch. Yah. Ai'm busted. Mom sez Ai gits breffass wif dry snaks in the dry bowl fur nibbling all day. Tehn Ai gits moar turkey gravy joosy slices in the ev'nins. Wall, gud ol' Poppa dint know tihs. Now he duz, cuz Mom camed home urly & sed so. Tehn she leff 2 go bak 2 skool...and Poppa givved me teh durtiest luk.

Hay. U cant blame a feelyne fur tryin' ...2 git ober...'speshully when ther's turkey gravy N-volvd.

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