Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mooooom! UR 2 Bizzy!!! U Want Me 2 Fink r Sumpn'?

Mai mom haz been way 2 bizzy. Poppa stayd wit me a few days but he's not so much fun since he dont go owt ez much wif the stinky stiks. He will lemme go owt 2 the bakyard & keep teh door open fur me. But he dont rubs mai hed so much. He has been breeving in a lowd masheen n the moarnin's & at nite. He dont seem 2 liek it much so Ai heers him growlin' & Ai stays away & hope Mom comes home B4 dinna tiem so she kin feed me nsted ov Poppa.

Yessirday Poppa lef' fur Owttatown. Ai dont know w'er iz Owttatown but Ai'm finking iz fur away B'cuz soemtiem Poppa iz gone fur days. Mom camed home rite b4 teh sun ternd off. PetGurl wuz wif her! O, joy! Ai got urly noms! Tihs meens endless hed & chin rubs frum PetGurl! Rite?...Rong.

Tehn they pik up soem stuff & lef.' Mom wuznt bak till teh sun terned off. & she wnet rite 2 sleep. Ai cudnt dance on her hed until stommik clok went off at 5 tihs moarnin. W'en stommik clok goes off, it mus' be fed & Ai haz 2 wake Mom. Soemtiem it meenz dancin' on her hed till she gits up & GITS MAI BREFFASS!

Ai dunno w'at's goin' on arown heer but soembody betta stay wit' teh cat! Or Ai will be finking abot stuff. W'at's Mportunt? TEH CAT!!!& teh cat's stommik.

BTW, nebber furgit: Cat stommik iz its own entity. Powerful entity.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob


  1. June Buggie says he totally agrees about that stomach clock!

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