Friday, March 16, 2012

Anipal Mews

Nanny McFurr: L'Oreal Aims for Animal Free Testing: Nanny's reportin' on a mek up Kompny taht's tryin' mek mek up wif'owt testin' on anipals. W'at mek up?

Giant Squid Have Basketball-Size Eyes: Mom hurd abot it on NPR so she looked it up & fownded teh story on NatGeo. Seems tehy got giant eyeball fur a diff'rent reason tahn cats!

What if Women Ruled? Bonobo Society Helps Study: Being a boy cat, Ai'm not fur shur tehse chimps R helpin' mai case. Ebberbudde knoes cats rule!

How Do Penguins Fly To NYC? First Class on Delta [VIDEO] Furs: Ai dint kno tehy cud fly. Sekund: Wish Ai cud git bak frum teh vet tihs way.

Amelia and the Animals: Tehre's tihs hyoomom taht haz fotos ov her li'l gurl wit' all anipals. Iz grate pikchurs! (Dont try tihs at home--well not wit' teh wild anipals eny ways. Ai liek teh wun wit' teh kittehs best!

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