Sunday, March 4, 2012


Mom has been worried abot mai mew frien w'at comes ober sumtiems. He's ginger cat wit' a white muzzle & chest.  He has seekrit cat name but Mom calls him Stubby K. He is not nootered b'cuz he sprays teh carport & bakyard.  Ai  discubbered him b4 taht B'cuz Ai cud smell him but mai hyoomins cudnt.

W'en Poppa wuz gone & cudnt tek me owtsides, Mom wud let me owts fur mai poop spots & Ai took a few xtra minits 2 look fur him. "Hey! Ai kno ur owt heer sumwheres. Tihs is mai bakyard! Show ur face, dood!" Nuffin.

Wun day when Poppa was in hospital, Ai ax Mom if Ai cud go 2 bakyard  b'cuz Ai cud heer him but Mom cudnt. Hyoomins dont heer & smell ez gud ez us. Tehn Ai see him behine teh big white oak. "Dood! Ai heer u breevin' & Ai smell u. Why u come 2 mai bakyard ebber day?"


Ai slowly walk ober to see him close. He is bigger tehn me but kinda skerred. His eyes is big & him hav hurst N tehm.

"O, gosh. Sorry. Ai lost frum mai 4eva home & Ai  hav hurts," he say.

"Dood! How U git away frum ur 4eva home? U lef' ur bakyard? Why U do taht?" Ai say.

"Well, Ai smell gurl kittehs far frum mai bakyard, so Ai goes looking fur where teh smell come frum. It wuz liek a speshul smell taht wuz pullin' & pullin' me & b4 Ai know it Ai far frum mai 4eva home. U eva hav taht feelin' & taht pull?"

"No, akshully." Ai say. "U dont know where ur 4eva home iz, tehn taht iz not gud."Ai jus' cant amajin leevin' a 4eva home ober a smell taht dont involve turkeygravy flava. But Mom sez w'en u haz TEH SERJRY teh smell ov gurl kittehs dont pull u.

"Ai wuz on mai way bak & got konfyoosed b'cuz sumfing chase me," He sed. "And tehn tihs happen & Ai so hurt & ...YOOOOOWWWL!"

Ai kin see why he yowl & hav hurt N his eyes! Iz most horrible fing!  His tail stop in the middle 7 tehre iz blood dried on the fur w'ere yoosta b a tail.

"O! Poor fing! Come wit' me. Mebbe mai Mom kin help u." Ai tern 2 walk 2 the hows fur him 2 follow. Mom comes owt 2 teh catio 2 call me insides.
"Come, on!" Ai say. "Teh're Mom now." But he is gone & Ai not git his name. So Ai go insides wit' Mom, hoping he will come bak so he kin git help.

Later Mom heer's a yowl owtsides & finking she left me on teh catio & fell alseep b'cuz Poppa's not home yet & needer 1 of us iz sleeping on owr ushual skedyul. Ai run 2 teh door wit' her. "Well, Bobbo, if U r N heer wif me then who iz taht yowling owtside?"

"Come on Mom! There's hurt kitteh owt heer! Ai seen him urlier! He needs owr help!" Ai say & Ai run owt. But he is gone & Mom dont unnerstan. She finks Ai jus' need 2 go 2 poo spot in teh bakyard, tells me 2 hurry up so we kin go bak 2 bed. Ai know him iz behine the big white oak w'er Mom can't see from teh catio. Ai tell him iz OK 2 folla me but he runned away agin.

Later Ai tell him all abot me, Mom, Poppa & PetGurl.  He wached owr hows & wait fur me 2 come owtsides. He see Poppa come home & Poppa see me talkin' 2 him from udder side ov bakyard b'cuz he too skerred 2 let Poppa git too close. Later he see Mom, too. He say he kno  when Mom's car come iz not long she lemme go owt bak ov teh catio. So Mom see him run across bakyard from carport almo's ebberday & she smell his spray owt teher.

He say he fink abot follering me insides nex' time b'cuz mai fambly seem liek berry mice peepuls & his half tail hurts. Him yowl so loud Mom heers him all teh tiem now. So Ao goes owt & he is neer mai poop spot. Ai tells him 2 folla me w'en Mom sez "Buttonsbuttonsbuttons!" And he duz! Ai go rite 2 mai noms bowl fur sharing wit him but w'en Ai tern arown, him not tehr! Him chikkund owt! Mom musta knowed he wuz still tehr b'cuz she put sum ov mai dry food on teh catio.

Later, Ai find owt from him taht he got so slkerred. But he camed to teh catio door 2 call fur me. Mom leevs the blinds up jus a li'l so he looked N 2 see if he cud see me..and he sawed Mom lookingbak at him! He stared at her but he cunt move, he wuz so skerred. Tehn she took a step towards teh door & he took off 2 teh bak fence & owt ov teh yard. He tol' me to tell Mom fanks fur teh food.

Mai Mom is skerred fur him. She say she see his hurt tail & want him 2 git helped. Ai herd Mom say 2 PetGurl, "Maybe we should call animal control."

"No!" sed PetGurl. "Remember what hapened 2 LeeLee & Gracie, tehr."

"They're supposed to be a no-kill shelter now. I'm thinking maybe they will take care of his tail stump & keep him until he's adopted. he cant roam teh nayberhood liek that. Poor thing's in pain."

"No!" Sed PetGurl. "Tohse r teh same peepuls taht sed tehy'd keep LeeLee  Gracie fur 3 days & tehy dint. Ai dont want 2 take taht chance wit' Stubby."

"Perhaps ur rite," sed Mom. "Maybe we kin call the Northside taht haz anipals fur adopshun at teh wh'er Bob's vet iz. Ai see if Ai kin giv tehm a call. Meenwhile, Ai'll kee putting handfuls of dry food owtside fur him so he will kee coming & start trusting us a little bit."

Ai dont know abot w'at a Northside is but Ai hope tehy kin help Stubby wit' his tail & a mew 4eva home.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

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