Saturday, March 17, 2012

Greem Guy Day

Der's naybers owtside wearing greem clothes. Ai kno tihs b'cuz Ai heered tehm say tehy wuz all greem & going 2 a parade. Mom, Poppa & PetGurl is not going 2 parade but tehy going sumwhers fur volunteering. Tehy goes fur volunteering & church a lot--Mom & Poppa do. Taht meens tehy help udder peeples is how PetGurl esplane it 2 me. Enyways tehy not wearing greem clothes. Ai dont kno greem b'cuz PetGurl sez cats are color blind but so iz Poppa. So how he kno when he not wearing greem?

Iz greem guy day. Ai kno tihs b'cuz Ai sawed wun N teh bak yard & he tole me so. He sed he did not liek teh lawnmower guy mowing ober teh clober. Ai liek teh clobers too. Grate place fur rolling arown & keching bugs owtsides 'cept teh bees. (Cat Law: Nebber try 2 kech a bee.)

Ai fot teh greem guy wuz a bug & Ai keched him. He sed "Oh gorsh 'n begorra! Ai been cot bai a cat! Now Ai s'pose you'll be wantin' me pot o' gold, cat?"

"Pot o' w'at?" Ai say.
"U kno: Me treshurs!" he say.
"O , well tehn!" Ai say. "W'at flava u got? Chikun? Turkeygravy? Tuna? Duz u hav sum fuzzy catnip mice?"  Ai fink Ai drooled on maiself a li'l bit.
"Hold on cat. Look, heer's me pot o' gold."

He show me a big rown gumbo pot, 'cept ther wuz no gumbo in it. Jus' sum shiny metal rown fings w'at dont even roll so u cant play wif 'em & u cant eat 'em. W'at Ai gonna do wif taht? Mom dont liek me to bring lizerds, bugs & oaktree lint in teh hows so Ai cant bergin 2 fink abot gitting sumpn so big n tehr.

"Nebbermine," Ai sez 2 teh greem guy.

"Say, what?" he say.

"My Mom's got a gumbo pot areddy. Fanks but no fanks."

Tehn teh pot & teh greem guy disappeer n a puff of greem smoke. Ai kno it wuz greem smoke b'cuz he say rite b4 he disapeer: "Well Ai'll be a-disappering now in a puff o' greem smoke!"

He did not smell 2 gud.


  1. You did right thing, Bob - have noticed humans never like it when we bring a treasure home!

    Can't understand why Mom gibbering something about searching for the Little People since she was a mini-human and it just not being fair, tho'...

    PS Am told she dressed from head to toe in green. Don't see any sign of gumbo pot, tho'.

  2. ROFL! I don't suggest you tell that story to your Mama and Papa Bob. They won't understand.