Friday, August 31, 2012

hurry cane eye-sik

Mom sed Grandmom wuz not feeling well so she wud stay wif her for teh hurry cane. Poppa sed he wud keep me & mintully deefishunt Winston at teh hows. Poppa put all teh patio furnichur next 2 teh hows or insides & sum potted plants, too. Petgurl camed ober & she & Mom put sum fings n her car.

Ai dunno from a hurry cane but Ai go owtsides wif Poppa 2 see if Ai kin help him. Winston is still a li'l skerred of Poppa. akshully, he is skerrepd ov almos' ebberfing & ebberbuddee except Mom. He is skerred 2 poop owtsides so he makes reely big ones in teh box & me & Pop cant stand that! Fur a bit he was missing teh box bcoz he is so big, so Mom & Petgurl took him to teh vet. They brot Winston & some special food back.                  

So later Poppa sed Ai better go owtsides while Ai can. He sed Ai better play, poop ir whatevah bcoz it wud not be eezee lata. Ai dint kno wat he wuz talkin' abot but Ai knew Ai dint need 2 b owtsides.

Teh winds blowed hard taht nite & Ai stayed neer Poppa. I hurded some shingles blow off teh roof. Winston ran unner teh kichen table. Lites went off fur a lil wyle. Poppa & Ai cundt wach NCIS or LAw & Orda! But it dint last long & ther wuznt 2 much reel rains. Lites camed bak on, Poppa scooped teh litta box--& gagged 'cos he dont yooshally do it, speshully behind Winston. Then he fed us & all wuz rite wit the wurl. Exsep Mom stayed wit grandma fur a bit longer to help owt ober tehre.

Ez long ez Ai had directv, Poppa's side & sum cat food all wuz rite wif teh wurl, Tehn Mom stayed home & didnt go 2 wurk fur a few days moar! Ai liek Mom staying home. Un4chnutly, so duz Winston who hogs her lap. ennyways, fur taht Ai cud deel wiht Hurry cane Eye-sik.

~Bob B

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