Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mai Sorta Sad Valumtiem

Ai hadda sorta sad Valumtiem. Ai haz 2 B bai maiself menny wurk days b'cuz Mom & Poppa wurk. Somtiem PetGurl comes 2 stay wif me. BUT Poppa wuz not home fur the week AT ALL! BOO!
Tehn teh day affer church day, Mom wuz gitting her car reddy b'cuz it is full of skool & church stuff but she not go 2 wurk.  Ai'm finking, Yay! Mom's gonna be wif me all day! 

Soemtiem she leev owr bed wif teh blankees curled liek Ai liek it tehn she fix 'em strate wif mai favrit blankee at the bottom. Ai chase the covers an haz fun pulling & getting unner sheets when she duz taht! Well, she not fix 'em strate taht day. She lef' me on teh bed all bai maiself! What's going on, Mom?
She put moar dry food in mai bowl. But when sun tern off, she not come bak. PetGurl dint come fur me eefer! Ai hurd sumpn' abot Poppa. Mebbe she go 2 git him home. Ai dunno. All Ai know wuz Ai wuz bai maiself fur  way 2 long!
Nobuddy wuz fur givving me hed & chin rubs. Nobuddy wuz fur letting me owt 2 catio & bakyard. Nex' moarnin', late, Mom runs in, feeds me, givs me kwick hed rubs & runs bak owt fur wurk. *BIG sigh.*

Mom camed bak jus' b4 sun tern off. She hav some xtra treet fur me & tell me she went 2 see Poppa at hospitul. She sez Poppa iz litle betta but he cannot come home yet. Moar testing fur Poppa. Ai hope he mek a 'A+' & come home soon.

OK, Ai feel betta knowing Poppa  iz feeling a li'l betta & Ai haz Mom to sleep on. Ai sleep on her all nite... until Ai wake her fur gitting mai breffass!

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  1. Oh Dog! That musta been scary to be left alone!

  2. Bob says: "Fur taht long--yah, it is! Ai'm yoos 2 mom comin' home ebber ebenin'eben wen Poppa dont."