Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeeeelin' Betta

Ai dint eat much yessirday. Ai wuz still sore & tired frum mai trip 2teh vet & wher Ai got STUCK! Ai have been givvin PetGurl teh look of shame 2 mek her feel gilty. She haz been home & stayin' in mai room Ai let her sleep in eben toh Ai reeely dont liek w'en she moovs mai stuff arown. No matter fur yessirday b'cuz Ai staid unner teh bed mos'ly.

Mom givved me turkey pahTAY & Ai jus' cudnt eat. Ai dint wanna go owt wif Poppa xcept 2 poop. Tehn bak unner teh bed. Ai hurd talking fone fingy ring wif Mom's musik. When Poppa talks 2 Mom her musik plays furs & Ai kin heer Mom's voice axing abot me. Poppa tol' her Ai still not eating. PetGurl hadda leave. Poppa tooked her sumplace, Ai dunno. Enyways, bai teh tiem mai fambly gits home, Ai wuz feelin' betta. Speshly affer Ai heer PG talkin abot callin' TEH VET agin.

Sun wuz turnin off & Ai wanted 2 go owt wif Poppa. Ai wach teh burds & evul skwurls. PG put mai mew tags on mai collar & Mom put sum medsin on mai nek 2 keep away teh fleee bugs. Tehn Ai ate a hole bowl ov turkey flava! Mmmmm!

Sad mews iz Poppa iz not feeling 2 gud. Gots teh sneezees & a coff. Ai will tek ker ov him 2day & stay by him on teh bed & let him rubs mai hed & chin. That ushully meks him feel betta.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob

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  1. Oh Dog! First you and now Poppa! What are we gonna do to get you all well? Well, besides keeping ya outta the vet's office?