Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cat Bloggin

Ai ushually wake up urly & git Mom up when mai stummik clok goes off. Today Ai did not feel like waking up so urly. Ai dint wake Mom up at 5AM.  Ai wuz still rubbin mai eyes at 5AM b'cuz Ai wuz awake at nite berry late at nite. So Ai waked up fur 5:30. Mom came in mai room & tern on teh lites . 

"Aw, Mom! Iz so brite! But, yah, Ai want breffass!"
 We wuz bofe up late las' nite. She wuz watchin' moovees & on teh pyooter & gitting Sunny Skool lessin reddy fur kids. Ai wuz on teh net book, tweetin'. Owr sleepin' is frone off b'cuz Poppa iz not heer.  We bofe misses Poppa lots.

Tihs moarnin' wuz cold owt but Ai haz 2 go ebber day affer breffass. Ai do NOT liek cold! Wevver haz been mice but unyooshully warms. Mom had teh cool air on N the hows teh udder day. But the reel rains camed & now teh wevver git cold owt. Ai not shur Ai wanna go owt but Ai wanna go owt. Mom git owt a swevver jus' fur me! 

Akshully, Ai reeely not lieking teh swevver so Ai look at her liek she crazy & say, "Mom! Was ist das?" Tehn Ai go in a circle & rub on the wall. But w'en Ai go owtsides it not so bad. Bak insides, Ai mewmember taht Ai haz on da swevver & fink Mebbe if Ai lik it, it will GET OFF OV ME! 

Taht dint wurk, so affer Mom got teh cam'ra Ai run across her bed 2 try 2 git it off. Affer she stop laffing she taked teh swevver off me. Ai fot taht ting wuz gonna swalla me!

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  1. Oh Dog! Was ya trying to sleep in for Valentines Day? I hope you and mama have a happy day, and I hope poppa comes home soon!

  2. Pet Gurl got a kick out of seeing the video of Bob trying to lick his sweater off.