Monday, February 20, 2012

Poppa's Home!

Ai'm so happy mai Poppa is home. He is still not taking me owtsides wit him so much. He's not havving teh stinky sticks. Ai ax him abot going owtsides soon az he put his bags awaybut he sez the reel rains wuz owtsides. So Ai wants 2 see 2 mek shur fur  maisef. Yah, it wuz wet owt der. Five minutes later Ai go bak 2 teh door 2 see if bai sum murkul, Poppa had dried up & ternd off teh reee rains. But it wuz still wet. 

Rats! Reeel rains wuz so much taht Ai has 2 yoos the litta box insides & Mom sez she is skooping obertiem. Yah, Ai kno: TMI.

Ai sleeped on teh big bed wit Mom & Poppa. So mice & warms! Tihs moarnin' Ai cudnt tell Poppa taht Mom dint feed me yet so he'd feed me agin. He dint bleeve me. Cudnt fool Poppa! Eberting is bak 2 normuls! Well, almos'. Poppa is still a li'l sick. Ai kin tell. He's not mooving so fas'. Ai'm jus' glad he's home. Lotsa hed & chin rubs fur me!


  1. Oh Dog! I am so glad Poppa's home! Even if ya can't go outside, it's nice to have him there where you can keep an eye on him. woo woo woo!

    1. Bob sez "yesssss so mice! Purrrrrrrrr! WHOOT!"