Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Kitteh Giffs

Ah cain't baleev Bob lef' his blog open to go owtside wit' Poppa! Ah git to write sum moar!

Ah knos sum  ov yas enfants--yungun's gots new bebe kittehs fo Crispmouse. Ah hopes you keep 'em safe! Ah mades a list pour vous, mes amis!

  • It do look so kyoot but if you tink you gotta dress you bebe kitteh in clothes, tek a pichurs den git dem clothes offen dat bebe! Cats kin git in places w'at will git dem trapped & choked in clothes so dont leev dem bebes dressed to kill.
  • Pick up dem lektrical cords. Bebe kittehs lieks playin wit strang, ropes & cords so if it got lektristy runnin' troo it, cher, move it, hide it & iff you cain't move it put sum Louisiana hot sauce on it wit' a cotton ball, yeah. Sown crezzy but eben if we cats frum Sud de Louisianne --South Louisiana--cain't tek hot sauce! Affer a while you bebe kitteh be tinkin all lektrical cords tays liek hot sauce a& dey leevs 'em alone.
  • Put tin furl--you know --aloomnum foil up on teh kitchen conters--speshly where de stove be. If der sumplays you dont want cats 2 jump up on, put furl on it. We dont liek to walk on it.
  • If you drops a pill find it and pick it up. Bebe kittehs liek to fine stuff wat roll 2 play wit & may put in their mouf.
  • No table food! Ah kno de TV cartoons say we luvs teh tays ov fish & mice, but we goes crezzy fur yor chikun dinner cookin'! Dont keer how we beg, feed teh food made fur us. No chikun bones needer! Cows milk be med fo bebe cows so unless you wanna see w'at a bebe kitteh wit a bad stommick look liek, dont giv bebe kitteh's milk! Der is speshul food fur teh bebe kittehs wherever catfood is sold.
  • Keep teh bebes inside unless you kin go owt wit 'em. Keep away frum fam'ly car! If you try keepin' bebe kitteh where you keep you car, when it's cold teh car engine stays warm for quite a while. Bebe kittehs may crawl up in the tire well or close 2 teh engine and be hurt bad or worser w'en you goes 2 start you car. Bes' is to keep bebe in teh hows wit' teh fam'ly.
Well, mes chers, dat's all Ah kin tink abot to say abot dis. Keep you bebe kittehs safe and teech you chirren to tek gud keer ov dem and you will hav gud pet!
AAAIIIEEE! >^-o-^<

~Winston Henry LaChat Michael!


  1. Excellent advice, Winston - think you just might save a lot of bebe kitteh lives with this post! Purrrr :-)