Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catty Mew Yeer

 Mom sez  it's a mew yeer. Ai shud say sumting. Well, Ai'm TEH CAT so Ai hav a list ov catty fings fur the Mew Yeer.

  • Ai fink Winston iz a berry mice cat... if u liek berry big hed not so smart cats. Ai will treet him akkordinly...liek akkordin 2 his nomtelligents. Ai promus 2 slap him ebber now & tehn.Winston looks liek
  • Ai will wach moar NCIS & LawnOrder wiht Poppa. Taht's teh paw Ai fans wiht. Mom's shows iz not ez gud.
  • Wehn Ai haz 2 frow up, A will kerfully aim at the rug...or teh spred if Ai'm on the bed & cant git down fass.
  • Ai will try 2 git yoosed 2 teh big laptop eben tho Ai still miss Baby laptop. She wus so warm. Gud fur writing blog & fur warmz on mai paws.
  • Ai will post moar abot lost kittehs & goggies and fur tohs wat need 4ever homes.
  • Ai will try not 2 kik litter owt ov teh litter box. But since Ai dont haz 2 cleeen it up, Ai cant promus all the tiem.
  • Ai will try 2 visit mai frens blogs moar. Git so bizzy in cat bizzness & sad abot wayting fur Mom 2 come home taht Ai slakked off reeding tehm.
  • Ai will git bak 2 tweeting moar. Same reesin ez abuv
  • Ai will still be catty becuz--u got it!-- AI AM TEH CAT!

PS--Happee Mew Yeer ebberbuddee!

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