Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mew Cam'ra, Mew Water Bowl

Mom got me a mew water bowl b'cuz Ai dont drink from a bowl. Ai liek 2 go 2 Mom & Poppa's bedroom baff sink & drink the drips frum teh fossit. Lotsa cats liek running water fur 2 drink so mai mew bowl haz a fossit! Mom sez Ai dont drink enuff water. Ai drink so much frum mai mew bowl that Ai haz 2 use litta box or peepee spot N teh bakyard A LOTS!!
Aunt Carol sent Mom a mew cam'ra and heer's teh furs pikchur Mom took wif it. Mom's favrit cam'ra got brokun.
She also took a video of me talking. Wach me anser mai mom.

  • tell peepuls 2 fink abopping a older pet liek me--kitteh OR goggie is gud! 
  •  hug ur anipal if u haz 1
  •  talk 2 Ceiling Cat 2day & ebber day~Bob


  1. Getting adjusted to the "mew" camera. I couldn't figure out how to stop it at the end! LOL!

  2. You answered right away! Are you SURE you're a cat?

  3. Bob said, "I wuz n gud mood fur ansering rite away."