Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitteh Side of Teh Skreet

Git ur coat & git ur hat
Ai'm a cat. Ai will sit on all dat
Ebbertings a seat
On teh kitteh side of the skreet

Git ur laptop off the floor
If u dont, guess wat warmz iz for?
Tiem to mek a seat
On teh kitteh side of the skreet

Ai yoos to jump owt teh way
W'en ur fings flew my way
Now Ai sit, or Ai lay
Leik a Rover
Ai roll over and over

Coz ur dirty sock smell sweet
W'en Ai want myself a gud seat
So jus' direck ur feet
To teh kitteh side of teh skreet! 


  1. Sometimes Bob just has to sing. And I just have to let him.

  2. Well, hi ya, Bob! It's nice to meet you! We love your song!!

  3. OK, we cant read, we need to hear it now!!!! :)))

  4. Bob says: "Hey der Island Cats! Mice 2 meet U2! Fanks! Hey Cuddly Friends! Mom wuz tryin' 2 record me but Poppa camed home & Ai runned owt 2 play. Ai gits 2 play owtsides a long rtiem w'en Poppa's home."

    I will tie him down and record him one day--with PetGurl's help! ~K