Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Daily Cat Poop

Mom was reading news. There wuz stories abot hero dogs & lost dogs & dogs in peepul clothes & dog breeds. Of kors, Mom lieks all kinda aminuls but Ai wuz feelin kinda low b'cuz  there wuz no cat stories.

Fur me to feel betta, Mom found thees cat stories. So az mai publik survis, Ai bring mai frenz first edition ov:
 The Daily Cat Poop
Reel Cat Poop. Furst N news is story reely about cat poop. Reely. Sumbuddy was looking at cat litter ads & said "Oops! Fresh Step! You can't say poop stinks less wif ur cat litter." So they hadda take the ad off teh TV. Read more about it here: Judge Orders Cat Litter Commercial Temporaily Off Air.

Geesh! Cat Leesh! Seems cats kin be trained 2 walk wif leesh. Mom sed she had anudder cat many yers ago she had harness fur & he didnt mind. Sumtiem iz gud fur cats 2 keep us safe. Hmm. Wunner what Poppa wud say abot that in our bakyard! Read more abot it here:  Nine Lives, One Leash

FREE MATILDA!  Matilda is wunnerful hotel cat. Helf inspekker don't want her havvin free run w'er der's food at teh hotel so they haz invisibul lektric fens 2 keep Matilda owt of food space. Hmmm. Dont he knwo cat cleener than sum hyoomins? Read abot Matilda's predikamunt here: A Little Less Room to Roam

Wall, that's all teh noos Ai has tiem 2 print 2day. Mom haz 2 pak he netbook up fur wurk. Bes' noos of all iz Pet Gurl iz spending day wif me while Mom & Poppa iz gone. Yay! Fink Ai'll go dans on her head & grab a corner of her bed.


  1. I do think it's silly about the cat. Sometimes regulations really stink! And so does that cat litter! woo woo woo!

  2. Regulations, schmegulations! You're right, Rumpy! The harness is an idea I'm considering for Bob, though. He darted out the patio door, squeezed through the fence in the backyard and did not come when either PetGurl or I called. He's in time out--no "backyarding"-- until Poppa comes home