Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Hot

Ai lykes hot. Ai lykes hot on da patio. Da sun makes warmz on it & Ai skrech out n da sun puddles. W'en Ai gits all warmzed up it's time 2 go indside n da coldness. Ai notice w'en Poppa is home tha hows has more coldness & Ai has to go outside to gits more warmz.

.Herman sez dat iz why he iz in da pool. If he comes out to talk closer wif me he will have 2 much warmz & dry. He no lyke warmz & dry.  Dat's rite! Herman is back! He was gone some more 2 da place where if cats kno 'bout it dey mus' be kilt. Ai dunno where dat is.

Der wuz reel rain w'en da sun wuz almos' gone. W'en  wind was slow Ai went 2 see da pool (Ai dont mind a li'l rain). No Herman. So now he is back. His tummy was full from li'l moskeeetoes & li'l moskeeetoes eggs. Mai mom take a pikchur.  See, Herman sitz on da side of da pool. Dat water pump is sittin' up so he cant sitz on it. If Ai come too close he goes swimmin.'

Ai wus 'bout 2 ask Herman to let me test out his warmz & dry wif a lick on his noes. But the Poppa went in da hows & da bad  jay birds come out! They fuss a lot skreeemin', "Cat Caaaaaaat!!!! Cat! Caaaaaat!"

So I squeeez out da fence to da carport. Ai dont like da carport w'en da carz is on. But they off, so Ai sitz bai da door. Ooooo. Maaaaaiiii, da floor on da carport haz...WARMZ!!!! Gud for skreching out while Ai keep 1 eye & 1 ear pointed at da kitchen door in case mai pipple opens da door 2 let me in.

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