Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesserday wuz mai burfday. Ai am 17 yers old or az Franch cats sez "Ai haz 17 anz." Yes, Ai am kulchurred cat.

Ai gots sum new turkey gravy food wif a burfday candle in it. Ai don't ker 4 candles but Ai lives for turkey gravy catfood.

Poppa & Ai had gud long daze 2gedder cuz of sumting called "moryul day."  Enny waze, Poppa stayed home & Ai got 2 go outdoors indoors outdoors indoors outdoors indoors outdoors  indoors outdoors indoors outdoors indoors outdoors indoors outdoors  indoors outdoor.

Mom wurked da garden. She changed da waterpump on da pool--she sat it up skrait-- so Herman dint have nuttin' 2 sit on in da middle of it. Saw him sittin' on da side sunnin' on a brick. Ai thot Ai cud get outside 2 talk 2 him 'bout a song Ai herd him song 'bout me but by da time Ai cud get outside der was no Herman.  Later Mom sawd Mr. Tubbs outside. He run away w'en she came out 2 turn on da rain wiggler. Ai wuz wunnering if Mr. Tubbs knowed wher Herman was. W'en Ai went outsie agin, Ai called 4 Mr. Tubbs but he wuz not aroun' nowheres. Next day, 2. No Herman. No Tubbs. Hohum. Jus' me & Poppa in da yard. & da evul skurls sayin' bad words up in da oak tree.

Yesserday b4 da sun come up---mai favrit time of day--Ai heared sumbuddy crokin' a happy burfday song.
 Ai heared it wuz yore burfday, u crezzy ol' cat
Hope u dint tink Ai 4got abot dat
Ai alwayz haz 2 kno jus' where u ar
So we kin only talk from afar
Iz best dat way 'cuz u kin bet
Ai'm 1 frog who dun wanna be et.
Happy burfday cat Happy burfday Bob!
Happy burfday cat Happy burfday Bob!

Ai sez, "Hey Herman, wher u been?" He sez it was 2 hot & der wuz not euff water in our pool b4 Mom made de rain wigglies make rain in da garden so he wuz sumplace in da canal way over where Ai can't go.Ai ask him wher dat is but he won't tell me. Sez its a seekrit frog club ting & Ai wud hav 2 be kilt if Ai knowed abot it. Hmmm.
O, well, Ai had nice burfday. Everbuddy on mai facebook wuz sayin' happy burday to me. Mai gurl cudn't come home yesserday but she will be here 2day. She will brush mai fur & Ai will play & nap n her room. Can't wait.

Herman was back!

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